Soul Centered Career Gift

"Own", Marilyn O'Malley

The perfectionist thoughts of “I’m not enough” and money stress
will kill your soul-centered career.

Revolutionize your thoughts and feelings for a soul-centered career!

Using Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of the most powerful and effective mind/body techniques for clearing emotional blocks that keep you from achieving what you want. The tapping videos I made for you will help you clear or neutralize your perfectionist, money and self-esteem triggers so you will no longer limit yourself. This will allow your natural brilliance and gifts to be expressed and attract all the support, love, money, relationships, career and pleasures that you desire.
In short, Tapping works by tapping on specific acupressure points that let you access your subconscious mind, stops your fight/flight stress response,  lowers your cortisol levels and so much more. The faster you get to the subconscious mind and bypass the critical mind the quicker and more graceful your transformation takes place.
Please practice these sessions more than once. You will go as deep as you are willing to go, so it may take several times for your subconscious mind to let in all the information I have for you in these two videos. I am going for the roots of your challenges, not just to your symptoms. Be compassionate with yourself and share your results or ask me any questions at

Tapping For Perfectionism

Overcome the limiting mindset of the perfectionist. Stop the stress related to your
perfectionist critical and disappointed thoughts and feelings about yourselve.
Get to the root of the problem and let your natural creativity and beauty radiate.

Tapping Video To Relieve Your Money Stresses

Neutralize your fight, flight, freeze stress triggers related to money and your
thoughts of not being “enough or worthy.”  Get to the root of your money triggers
and what is keeping you stuck around money and your self-esteem.

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