Progressive Millennials Making a Statement with Carly and Chris

Progressive Millennials Making a Statement with Carly and Chris

Carly Ottaway and Chris Rodgers are the co-founders of The Reply, an online magazine for millennials that covers life, the world, career, money and technology. Together they share how they followed their passion for writing by creating the magazine and why defining success for yourself is important.

Chris and Carly give exciting tips for millennials to be their best as an entrepreneur and share what it takes to make it work. Carly encourages you to be flexible, keep motivated and keep going while Chris reassures you to accept support in the way it comes to you.

Millennials and Money Cafe

Learn more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the pressure you encounter to find your calling and how going with the flow and being a perfectionist go hand in hand.

I trust yMillennials and Money Cafeou will be inspired and motivated.

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(P.S. The Reply is on hold for content through the summer, but check in with them frequently.)

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