Remove Your Fight/Flight Stress Response

Remove Your Fight/Flight Stress Response

 As I become more awake and conscious of being in my body I become more attuned to my feelings. This is not a pretty sight nor easy to be with in the beginning. As I became more aware of what I was feeling throughout my day I witnessed how much survival fear I have been pushing against that is engraved in my nervous system.

 I experience myself  feeling the fight/flight stress response in various areas of my life without even an challenge having to appear. It lies just under the surface of my skin…like a good Girl/Boy Scout being prepared for any circumstance…being prepared for the sky to start falling in, so I know I will survive and be safe. I’ll head everything off at the pass. I’ll be a head of the game. No one will take advantage of me. I will make everything better. I won’t need anything from anyone so I won’t be disappointed. I will be what everyone wants me to be so I will be liked and loved and not abandoned…. These are things I have thought and believed before I woke up and discovered these were programs I learned as a child to feel safe and secure.

 I could feel my inner little girl constantly on the  lookout for danger and working to keep me safe, when I was already safe. Her guard was on high alert to what infinite possibilities of danger could come her way, fending off potential hurt and pain….instead of being in the present moment creating in the flow. And deciding who she had to be in order to not draw attention to herself so she wouldn’t be in harms way.

 Can you relate? How exhausting and stressful is this programming? Do you see why you are so stressed out. Your childhood programming is running your defenses under your radar until you wake up and see them for what they are…lies, programming and not who YOU are!

 I can understand why people don’t want to become more conscious and enlightened, it is not a path for the light hearted. It takes a great amount of courage, resilience, persistence, vulnerability, faith, and love.

 I  applaud all of you who are showing up and taking steps to grow yourselves! Bravo!  You are leaders in all walks of life.  You are in the top 1% of people who are willing to do what others aren’t! Maybe you even feel like myself, I have no choice, it is a calling within me that doesn’t allow me to live a boring unconscious life. For some it is a pull, a calling and others a push from the Universe through an accident, illness, some trauma or situation that has you abruptly face the world in a new way as to wake up to your inner lies.

 Whatever means you have come to your own awakening it doesn’t matter. What matters is you follow your path and KNOW you are not alone and even though it is not easy at first, it becomes a magnificent flow of life that is beyond your wildest imagination, because you are living your purpose and your authentic truth.  The results are bigger than you!

 So I thought this week I would offer you a tool to help eliminate your fight/flight stress response so you can be in your body more fully, creating what is truly desired for you to express into the world without the stress driving your actions.

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