Reign In Your Wildly Creative Mind~Highly Sensitives

Reign In Your Wildly Creative Mind~Highly Sensitives

Do you have a wildly creative mind? (0-60 sec. elaborate story creator)

Are you easily influenced by images, stories, and other people?

Do you deeply process and reflect on the meanings and relations of things and situations?

Do you take emotions, ideas, and thoughts to an extreme?



A runaway negative creative mind limits your actions and decision making and
has you feeling out of control, uncomfortable, stressed and overwhelmed.

Do you avoid making mistakes?

Are you cautious and take time making decisions?


Highly Sensitive’s creative minds will deeply process every possibility for failure or vulnerability as an innate survival strategy to avoiding mistakes. We instinctively want to do career/relationships/health/wealth/lead… once and do it right. This breeds perfectionism, procrastination, overarousal and overwhelm which holds us back from doing, being and having what we aspire to manifest. One of the reasons it is overwhelming is we have an innate overreaction to criticism. Our mind is creating an imagined reality of what could go wrong and how it will affect us (make us feel, pain and suffering) and it is played out in our physical and emotional bodies as if it is really happening to us. This is stressful and overstimulating on top of everything else we have to do in our lives. It drains our energy and focus from what we really want to create.

How to reign in your wildly creative mind:

  1. Realize your innate HSP gifts can also become an overwhelming challenge. Bring awareness to the STORIES you are creating about the possibilities in your life for failure and vulnerability.
    Ask yourself: What is the STORY I’m focused on? Is it true? Do I need more information? Is this story serving me in any way? How is it emotionally and physically affecting me right now?
  2. Get back into the present moment, NOW.  Focus on and name the physical things around you. Breath in and out of your nose only, slowly and into your belly. Ground your energy. Feel your heart beating.
    Then ask yourself this:
    What is the STORY I want to create? What story would serve me? How do I feel mentally, emotionally and physically when I imagine this new story?
  3. Appreciate your innate nature and life as a highly sensitive. The more you appreciate them and use them as support, the more you will flow with ease, grace, and love through your life.

Please share this information with those you love and inspire.


  1. Thank you Marilyn. Always with information that is needed in the now. Very helpful. Shifts are happening. Everything is flowing in the right direction.
    Love and light to you and those you live and cherish.

    • Thank you Victoria!
      Infinite blessing to you!

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