The Art Of Receiving ~ Stops Suffering

The Art Of Receiving ~ Stops Suffering

The Art Of Receiving 

Take a moment and TAKE a breathe in and exhale.
Notice how it feels to take a breath in. Do this a couple of times.Now let yourself RECEIVE your breathe and let it out.
Receive it a couple of times.
Can you feel the difference between receiving and taking?
Was receiving more relaxed, no agenda, expansive and natural?
Did you notice that taking in felt like a forced action, a doing agenda that had a determined result you were looking for?
Were you thinking, is this what it should feel like or was that good enough?
It is the same with receiving things, events, or people into your life.
Receiving is natural and “taking” in with an agenda is contrived.
It is natural for you to have what you desire, but when you put a “but” or judgements after your desire you cancel your desire. Or you say this is how it has to be specifically and then you limit your possibilities.
Example: I want to travel, but I don’t have enough money to go (I have too much work, I don’t have anyone to go with)   (Desire = Gas, But/judging = Breaks)
You only know what you know! You may not know that you have to learn to feel abundant before you can travel in elegance. So the Universe is going to create opportunities for you to feel abundant most likely through your challenges with lack and your feelings of not being good enough. Does that make sense?
The Universe/God/Source is here to support you in living a life you love. So in order to to have what you desire you have to declare it to yourself and be committed to doing and being whatever it takes to manifest it.Another secret to receiving is knowing you are worthy of all you desires. If you don’t think you deserve it, you put the breaks on everything that you feel unworthy of and the Universe stops creating the opportunities and lessons.  You are saying to the Universe “I know I’m unworthy so don’t even bother because it isn’t going to happen….bla bla blaa”My receiving training started with me being able to receive a compliment. Opportunities to say, “thank you”, are the beginnings of receiving more. This begins to broaden our perception of ourselves and letting go of the old programming.
Here are 7 steps to becoming a better receiver helping hand

1. Every time someone gives you a compliment, Say “Thank You!” and mean it. Take it into your heart like a precious gift. Don’t deflect by giving them a compliment back, changing the subject or arguing with them that it is nothing special.

2. The more grateful you are for what you already have is receiving.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for everything, situations, relationships…and  Yes, even your challenges.  They are helping you to grow and create more of what you desire in your life. Challenges give you an opportunity to let go of all your beliefs that no longer serve you and create new empowering beliefs about your worthiness, safety, lovability, and connection to all.

3. Know that you are worthy. Say I AM WORTHY! Everyday~all day until you know it’s true. The more you say it the more the Universe will reveal the truth of that statement. Watch! Know that it is your childhood programming that has you feeling unworthy, not good enough, disconnected and unloveable.

It is not YOUR truth. The truth is you were born worthy and perfect and there is nothing you have to do, be or have that will take that away from you. Stop listening to old programming.

4. You are not creating alone. Give the burdens of the HOWS to the Universe/God/Source. It is conspiring to help you. Receive~let it help you.

Say yes to experiences that show up even though they may not seem connected, they are. Your thinking mind is so limited compared to Source’s abilities. Also, there are people who want to help you get what you desire. Money, which is energy, can show up in multiple ways and from multiple sources. Gifts, prizes, free stuff, inheritance, comps…etc. Be open minded.

5. Be committed to having what you desire in your life. Don’t give up on what you really want. Be happy creating your desires.  Keep that vision in sight and do something everyday to move towards it. Imagine having it already and how you feel in your body for 5 minutes a day. Ask Source to guide you to the right person, place or event and then stay aware of what shows up and follow the path of opportunities.
6. Use your intuition. Let your intuition, gut, inner guidance system guide you. Strengthen your relationship with your intuition so you completely trust it. Start asking Source questions, receive answers and then act on them. You have this gift, it may be buried deep inside you-but we are all born with it. Your intuition will help you make better decisions.
7. Fall in love with yourself! This is not easy and is a life long adventure. Everyday that you can find  ways to love yourself more deeply.  The more loving you feel, the more grateful you will feel for everything in your life. That loving energy will naturally attract to you more and more of what you love. (high vibrations)  Then you can naturally receive it!The more you practice these steps the quicker you will start naturally receiving what you desire.
Practice Practice Practice!

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