10 Qualities Millennials Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur

10 Qualities Millennials Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur

It’s true, most Millennials prefer to do their own thing when it comes to their career choice. A recent study finds that almost two-thirds (67%) of the Millennials questioned said their goal involves starting their own business. Which made me think that it would be really helpful to tell you about the qualities millennials need to be a successful entrepreneur.


If you are one of those Millennials who desires to be an entrepreneur, but you aren’t sure it’s for you, keep reading.

There are incredible entrepreneurs creating amazing services and products all over the world. Being your own boss has its advantages and disadvantages based on your skill level and personality. Through social media, entrepreneurship has gotten a sexy and chic brand that promises money and freedom. But that can be deceiving to those who haven’t pursued entrepreneurship yet. The majority of successful entrepreneurs have been working many years and long hours to become successful. And in addition, they know about the qualities millennials need to be a successful entrepreneur.

I see millennials wasting their time, money and energy trying to create a business with an under-developed “entrepreneur personality” and lack of knowledge. Often this happens because you don’t take the time to analyze your qualities realistically. Not everyone is meant to be their own boss and lead others.


Building and running your own business is exhilarating and fulfilling but it takes courage, focus, commitment, time and energy.

Not only are you building a business, you’re growing yourself. To be a successful entrepreneur you will face and slay your greatest fears and limiting beliefs. In doing so you become successful providing a service, solving a problem, changing the world or healing a planet. That’s exciting!

It is good for you to know if you have the qualities millennials need to be a successful entrepreneur naturally or not. Because if you are not, you need to find out what to learn and study to become one and help you decide if you are willing to put in that extra work. You might discover that building your own business is not your cup of tea and that’s ok, too. But knowing this up front will help you not waste your time trying to be a business owner, beating yourself up over your perceived failures that make you feel you aren’t good enough to build a successful business. Instead, you can support one with your unique skill sets and unique gifts.

In this video I talk about 10 Characteristics that an Entrepreneur needs in order to be Successful. Watch and see if you already have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur or what you can do to improve those qualities to become one.

Here are the 10 Key Qualities Millennials need to be a successful entrepreneur.

The more of the qualities listed below you can check off, the bigger the chances you will be able to successfully build and run your own business. 

  1. Are you full of determination or tenacity to set goals, achieve them and do whatever it takes to create and grow a successful business?

  2. Are you a risk taker? Risk-taking is the ability to withstand the fear of uncertainty and potential failure.

  3. Are you a good visionary, creative, innovator, can you spot opportunities?

  4. Do you have a high level of confidence and positivity to get things done even when you’re stressed?

  5. Do you like learning? Entrepreneurs love constant learning.

  6. Do you tend to break rules? Entrepreneurs exist to defy conventional wisdom

  7. Are you adaptable, open-minded and resilient?

  8. Do you know how to manage money?

  9. Are you good at networking and building value based relationships?

  10. Can you sell and promote your products or services? Are you persuasive when you talk about your products or services?

If you are lacking in any of those qualities millennials need to be a successful entrepreneur, my recommendation is for  you to work and learn from someone who is already an entrepreneur and build your entrepreneur personality and business skills from them. There are many tools you can use to enhance these qualities.

You can use my free tapping sessions to overcome fear if you are uncomfortable taking risks. (Tapping to Overcome Fear.)


Very few solo entrepreneurs make enough money in the first one to three years of their business to support themselves. There is a huge mind/body/spirit learning curve and you will need to have another form of income to support yourself as you grow and build your business. Yes, some entrepreneurs have great instant success, but the majority of businesses are a labor of love  – one committed day and step at a time.

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