Pleasure Is Your Purpose, Are you FEELING it?

Pleasure Is Your Purpose, Are you FEELING it?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone


I wish for you to feel your worthiness, connected, peace of mind, loving & compassionate heart, your needs being met, prosperity, joy, playfulness, pleasure, ease and grace today and always! ~~Marilyn


Your 2nd Chakra Vows Keeping You Stuck

Are you allowing yourself to feel and receive what you need and want?

Do you “DO” instead of “FEEL”?

Do you feel your body or do you think about it?

Do you take on other people’s feelings, so then you don’t get to feel your own self-image and don’t feel who you are?

Do you feel safe having wants?

Do you feel super responsible? As a child, did you grow up really fast and become a very young adult?

Do you listen to your body, so you know when you are tired or do you keep pushing yourself?

Do you feel worthy/valuable?

Do you feel the world around you?

Do you feel your wants, needs and your passion?

2nd Chakra Your self-image and how you feel about yourself. To deeply feel your feelings and not just think them.

The second chakra represents how sensitive, sensual and passionate you allow yourself to feel and let the world flow to and through you. It is how you feel your way through and hold your power in one to one relationships. It is your self image and how you feel in your own skin through the pleasure of contact, with the world and others. It is how you feel and let in the feelings of the world.

This is where you stimulate your passion to create both physically and sexually, or not.


This is where you manifest your needs and desires into the world. (Money, relationships, pleasure…)


This is where you control other people, control yourself and control things.


This is where your emotions drive your behaviors to take passionate action, or not.


In order for you to feel personal power you must allow energy to move through your body.

Some 2nd Chakra Vows

To never be abused or taken advantage of again. (everyone is a predator with this vow)

To get even. Battling a person’s judgment and feeling of injustice your whole life.

To never be like _____________. (negative role model, greedy with money/time/love…)

To never be vulnerable and stay in control of your feelings.

To never feel my needs. I focus on other’s needs before I get to “who I am”.

To always be needy. Feelings overwhelm so you have a need to constantly express your feeling and create crisis.

To hide who you are or deny any self image. (the brains, sex kitten, pack horse…)

To hide your needs because it does not feel safe.

To never shine or be seen for who I really am.

To not feel that __________. (depressed, pain, pleasure, weak, poor…)

To be strong and quiet, so not to be a burden! Do you feel loved, empowered, get your needs met?

To never let them see me ___________!

I have to work hard and not have fun to make money in the world.

I have to be responsible with money, not have fun with it.

I have to do everything myself.

I’m not allowed to feel pleasure, fun, have free time, play…

To not feel judgement.

To spend money on certain needs but not on anything else.

Lots more

Exercise to heal:207080_400618013336450_480244004_n

Become aware of the vows that are keeping you stuck.

  • Have compassion for the little girl/boy you were that did what they thought was right at the time to make sure they were safe and connected to your family.
  • Start to feel, honor and take care of your needs and create healthy boundaries.
  • Learn to trust yourself so you can allow the world to flow through you and receive the rewards it has to offer you.
  • Work with a professional to transform old vows and help you gain clarity on what vows you’ve made, how to transform them and what to replace them with.


  • Write down your needs and wants, then say them out LOUD.
  • Ask yourself, what would feel pleasurable?
  • What would you really want to feel, to have, to be and to enjoy?
  • Tell someone you can trust your answers

Make a picture board

  • Cut out sayings and pictures of feelings and things you would like to experience in your life, NOW.
  • Glue them or tack them on a board for viewing.
  • Hang it in a place you will see everyday and spend time looking at it and feeling.
  • Your life purpose is to authentically express and live what brings you pleasure in the world.

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To your prosperous and joy filled life!


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