Our Greatest Power – Did You Forget?

Life is nothing but a dream, and if we are artists, then we can create our life with Love, and our dream becomes a masterpiece of art. 
~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love

What a beautiful and true statement by an inspiring author! We have the power to create anything in our lives that we put our minds to, but we often forget that we have this power. We forget that we are the ones creating our lives whether it feels like a dream or hell. We create whatever we believe about our world and ourselves.

This is why we are like no one else in the world and our world is not exactly like anyone else’s.

Our perceptions of ourselves, our world and our worthiness or deservingness is of our own design. Whatever we believe we are, we are. During the day we practice being what we believe over and over. Each moment becomes our masterpiece.

Taking responsibility for designing our life is a huge awareness shift.

In fact, I’d call it a Quantum Leap! I am assuming a lot of you are unaware that you have this power or if you are, you’re not spending time mastering it.

I wasn’t conscious of my own power of designing my life till my mentor John Assarff of “The Secret” revealed this to me thirteen years ago. This information totally rocked my world and it took a while for me to wrap my mind around this concept and what it really meant for my transformation. Thirteen years later I am living and designing my turned-on life and not a life of reactions. I am so much freer, peaceful and energized!

I had to see and acknowledge that my personal power to create was already at work.

I had to become aware and accept that my current experiences and perceptions of my world, relationships, job or career, self-esteem, and my love or fear, happiness or suffering were a result of what I was thinking, believing, feeling and acting on in the past.

When I realized my current circumstances and perceptions would change if I chose different thoughts, feelings or actions, I felt liberated and empowered. No one else could change my life. It was all me. I didn’t have to depend on others to show up a certain way in order to validate me. They didn’t give me my power to create, I did.

I invite you to take time considering the possibility that you are more powerful than you have ever considered and that you are the master designer of all your circumstances.


What would it mean for you to be the DESIGNER of your life?

  • You have to own that you are connected to everything through Source/God/Universe energy and that you are the cause of your results.
  • You have to give up being a victim and blaming others for your circumstances and own your personal creative power.
  • You can create infinite possibilities, there are only the limits you create for yourself.
  • You have to uncover the lies and beliefs that keep you powerless and small.
  • You’ll discover that you are more LOVE than fear.
  • You’ll learn how your fears are the designs of other people’s illusions.
  • You’ll take control and responsibility for your judgments, mind, decisions, desires and actions.
  • Your past circumstances don’t predict your future…YOU DO!

Please take the time this week to ponder on taking back your power to design your life the way you would like it to be.


Write down what your life would look like if you were the designer of it with no limits. Look at all areas of your life and answer with as much detail as you can, “I desire…”

  1. love relationship
  2. family
  3. home environment
  4. career/job
  5. pleasures/rewards
  6. health
  7. money; savings, debt, income, income goals
  8. travel, adventure
  9. learning, growth
  10. friendships
  11. contribution, volunteer, legacy, giving back
  12. spirituality

After you complete your journaling I’d like you to go back over each area and see how you have currently designed your life and see what is limiting you from achieving your desires. Look at what you are thinking, feeling and how you are acting or reacting that is disempowering. Realize that this is the programming that is currently running your life unconsciously. This is where your deepest and most profound work is to be found. Changing these will change your life and create new possibilities.

Live a Turned ON Life!


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