Our Deepest Desires and Resistance, Part 2

Our Deepest Desires and Resistance, Part 2

Why would you resist abundance, deep caring for yourself, health, recognition, success, feeling love, being seen and heard or feeling safe?

The answer is your personal programming you learned from your environment growing up and your beliefs about yourself and the world.

Here are some examples of the consequences of negative programming:

·      You believe others are more important than you;

·      You don’t know your deepest desires;

·      You haven’t been taught how to care for your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs;

·      You believe the world is unsafe and/or people can’t be trusted;

·      You believe you are unworthy and your self esteem is low;

·      You think, act and feel powerless, feeling like a victim;

·      You are unaware of the truth about who you are as a spiritual human being, what you are really capable of creating, and how the universe supports you.

When you don’t own your power to choose how you’d like to show up in your life, you are giving away your personal power. You are resisting what you long for out of habit and old programming. And that doesn’t get you where you want to go, it only gets you more of what you don’t want.

Where in your life are you going unconscious, unfeeling, unseen, unheard, and playing small?

Listen to this audio to help you come up with your answers.

What are you resisting_    6:00 minutes long.

What are you really resisting?

I’ve noticed that when I am feeling fear or any contracted feelings I am resisting what is my deepest desire at that moment because all my attention and energy is focused on the fear or what I don’t want to happen instead of what it is I’d like to experience.

I’ll use one of my anxieties as an example.

I have anxiety about being the center of attention because I was conditioned that people wanted me to fail and mess up so they could have a laugh. As a consequence, I grew to feel that no one wanted to hear what I had to say-so I didn’t matter.  I felt humiliated and yet, had to endure to participate with my peers in middle school. When I feel this anxiousness, it makes itself known by showing up as tightness in my chest with my heart pounding, sweating or chills and I’m very uncomfortable, and I start to doubt my value and wisdom and want to make myself invisible.

When these symptoms appear I’ve learned to asked myself,  “What are you afraid of?” Answer: humiliation, not mattering, looking stupid, being abandoned… I let my attention dive all the way to the bottom of all my feelings.

After I’m aware of what I’m feeling, I ask myself, “What am I resisting experiencing in my life right now by staying focused on what I don’t want?” My answer is to feel safe, confident, connected and empowered,.

Next, I ALLOW myself to choose what it is I’d like to feel in this moment; abandoned or safe, confident or unworthy…

As I allow these new thoughts and feelings to spread from my mind throughout my body the tightness in my chest lessens and I find myself experiencing new ideas that support what I’d really like to create. New opportunities for creating my deepest desires fill my mind instead of focusing on my anxiety and fears.

I’m expanding energetically into possibilities instead of making my world really small, unsafe and painful.

From this perspective of feeling empowered I can then ask myself, “What needs to be in place to support me in this situation?”

I can come up with a variety of options for myself to meet this need: I can have a conversation with myself about my self worth, I can get myself a cup of tea and wrap myself in my snuggly fuchsia wrap to nurture my inner child, I can spend some time in nature and exercise, I can make sure I am prepared for the meeting and I can use my energy tools for grounding, clearing and healing.

I choose one to start and then I act on my choice. By the time the meeting comes I have been fully engaged with myself in a powerful way that honors the truth of who I am.  I’m not starting the meeting feeling disempowered.

I’d like you to know what you are resisting and turn it around, so you are choosing what you deeply desire in every moment of your life. Listen to the audio and apply the steps outlined below and notice what changes occur and how you feel different.

Review: Steps from Resistance to choosing A Deep Desire

1.     Notice your contracted feelings, emotions and where you feel them in your body

2.     Ask yourself,  “What am I feeling ______________?(fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, unworthy, unsafe, abandoned)”  Imagine yourself as a very curious scuba diver who wants see how many different fish (emotions) you can see on this dive.

3.     Listen for your answer

4.     Now ask yourself, “What am I resisting that I am not allowing myself to experience right now?” (Example: I am feeling fear as a tightness in my chest that I will be abandoned if I speak my truth vs feeling safe and loving myself in my personal expression)

5.     Listen for your answer

6.     Allow yourself to “choose” what you’d like to experience now and imagine yourself feeling it

7.     Ask yourself, “ How can I support my choice right now ______________________ ?”

8.     Choose an action and take it.

Please share how this works for you.

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Marilyn O’Malley

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