Are you too Humble About your Desire?

Are you too Humble About your Desire?

Don’t play Small when it Comes to Your Deepest Aspirations! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about deep desires and why people ignore them. Living unconsciously and ignorant to what it is we truly desire is part of the reason we don’t  step into our unique, brilliant and Divine Self. I believe that we are all here on earth to share our brilliance. We are all so unique and have something different to add as the ingredients that make up this beautiful world and just as in a recipe, the dish is only as good as the ingredients. If one is missing, it just doesn’t taste as perfectly as it could. Therefore, you can see how not adding your delicious ingredient is robbing the world of a perfect dish!

So what is your deepest desire?

If the word ‘deepest” is equal to meaning genuine, sincere, profound and  inner most being, and you accept that “desire” means longing, yearning, request, aspiration, want, or wish then your deepest desires come from your heart & soul.  Your deepest desires are the tools through which you can express all that you are here to be through this body in this lifetime.

I often have clients that pause when I ask them what it is they want. They are quick to list all the things they don’t want, but have a hard time putting into words what it is that they truly cherish or what it is they’d want if they could have it all.

Once I push them to give me some examples of what those things are, they play small. Maybe it’s because they are shy or don’t feel save sharing what they truly think. They might think that they get judged as greedy, superficial, or arrogant if they share their desires with anyone. But more often than not, they can’t list what they desire because they really don’t know what is truly important to them at the soul level.

Most of your day is not spent focusing your attention on your deepest desire.

You usually move through your day unconsciously and habitually caught up in your daily routine and focused on surviving and just getting by.

The problem with unconscious living is that what you put your attention on grows. If most of your attention is on surviving, you will create more surviving opportunities.

You might say you desire more money in your life to go on vacations and pay the bills. But at the soul level your deepest desire is to have more freedom, more security, and more opportunities to express yourself in the world.

Just focusing your attention on making money and looking for ways to create more income to pay the bills is boring to your soul.  Just surviving is not why you are here in this body. This is an example of a small energy mindset, compared to what your heart and soul are really here to express.

It is painful for your essence to get up in the morning thinking it is creating money to pay the bills!

Your authentic self has a unique and brilliant part to play in this world. It is important that you express yourself on this earth to make it the perfect dish it can be, a dish that feeds all and is delicious, beautiful, colorful, spicy, sweet and savory!

The deeper desire in your soul may be peace, freedom, personal power, unconditional love, creation, and contribution and there is nothing boring in these energies!

Now that is exciting!

So what is your deepest desire on the soul level? Do you know what you truly cherish, what you yawn for, what your essence wants to share with the world?

I made this special 10 minute meditation for you to help you in uncovering what your deepest desires are. You can listen to the audio and follow the instructions below. Please, don’t write any of your answers down as it will take you out of that meditation space, you can record them on your phone or computer instead. Stay in your heart and soul area of your body to make this exercise successful. If you can’t get or stay in that space the first time, just replay it and try again.


Deepest Desire Meditation


Deepest Desires Exercise Audio Instructions:

  1. Listen to the audio in which I will help you get centered and lead you to get connected to yourself.
  2. I will ask you the question “What is your deepest desire?” Answer from your heart and soul. Don’t think about it. Just let the answer come out.
  3. As you go through the exercise, allow yourself to notice any a-ha’s, surprises, or awakenings

Once you have gone through the exercise, contemplate ways you can support yourself living your deepest desires. What habit could you start creating right now that will support your desires? Make note of it and practice it every day.

Please share your experience and comments below, I’d love to hear what is revealed to you about your deepest desires in this exercise! If you prefer sharing your outcomes in a more private setting, e-mail me. I am so excited when I hear the stories of people who take a step to stepping into their brilliance.

If you would like to do more of this work and manifest your deepest desires, try the Passion Test, a proven step-by-step system that will unveil your Top 5 Passions.

Loving your,





  1. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again!

    • Your welcome Amedar!

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  3. I’ve noticed with my clients and myself the tendency to play small when asked about deepest desires, mainly because we really don’t know what is truly important to us at the soul level. Most of our day is not spent focusing our attention on our deepest desires. We are usually moving through our day unconsciously and habitually caught up in our daily routine and focused on surviving and just getting by.

  4. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it.

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