Not feeling Good Enough is a Lie

Not feeling Good Enough is a Lie

The Lies of not Feeling Good Enough  Become your Reality

Most of what you believe about yourself is complete bullshit. Yep! The thought of not feeling good enough is a complete lie that you made up at on time in your childhood. And until you see that and remove those thoughts, you will feed and nourish them as true.

One limiting belief or lie can hold you back from being your authentic you, the successful, prosperous, happy, loved, loving, empowered, sexy, healthy person you should be.


Not feeling good enough

Many Millennials are often not feeling good enough

One of the biggest lies that’s devastating Millennials and billions of people is “I AM NOT ENOUGH.”


At some point during your childhood you got the impression that something about you wasn’t good enough and if only it was, your life would be different. You worked really hard growing up get out of that place of not feeling good enough, but never quite reached it because you thought you were broken and therefore that lie lives in your mind and you think it’s true. But it’s not until you acknowledge and own the reality of “I Am Enough” that your life will change and you will make this truth your reality.

But before you can acknowledge and own that you are enough, you have to realize that the limiting mindset of not feeling good enough is part of your programming and belief system and it’s running your life decisions.


You are usually not going around saying “I am not enough,” it is your actions and feelings that give it away.


If you don’t think that that’s what you’re doing,
read through this list of some of the ways “I’m not enough” can show up in your life:

• jealousy
• judging self and others
• gossiping
• always feeling competitive
• perfectionism
• procrastination
• shame=I’m broken
• bullying
• making fun of people
• following along with group decisions when you don’t really like the decision rather than being your own person
• hiding out or blending in
• not sharing or speaking your truth
• isolating yourself
• not going for your dreams and goals
• giving up before you start
• loosing yourself in relationships
• not having personal boundaries
• letting people take advantage of you or disregard you
• tolerating things/events/people you don’t like or are unhealthy
• not caring for yourself
• feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, needy
• don’t ask for what you want and desire
• can’t make your own decisions

Did you recognize any of these behaviors? Those are ALL actions and thoughts that stem from not feeling good enough!

I was at a Leadership and Millennials Symposium this last week and one of the speakers, Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade, was talking about how social media is a breeding ground for anxiety for many Millennials because you are comparing yourself to other people’s orchestrated social media lives.

Comparing your life to others' on social media can be devastating to your self-image

Comparing your life to others’ on social media can be devastating to your self-image

Spending time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and comparing your life to what you imagine someone else’s is dangerous to your self-esteem and future.

When you compare yourself to others and find yourself feeling critical and disappointed you’ve just enforced the false reality of not feeling good enough. Even if you say you are good enough, when you judge yourself to be less than someone else in any way that makes you feel disappointed, ashamed, or embarrassed, you are energetically stabbing yourself in the heart with that internal thought.

Unconsciously you believe the lie of not feeling good enough and create situations and events that reflect that back to you. You will always be living your life to confirm your inner lies to be true even though they aren’t because it is unconscious programming running your perception of your life.

This is why I am always talking about beliefs, vows, thoughts, feelings and programming so you will start to see that until you become conscious of your inner thoughts and feelings and how they directly influence your life, you will not be able to change. You have to understand that you are responsible for your mindset and the results of that mindset in your life.

It is your thoughts, feelings, and actions you take that will determine your life results.


There is nothing wrong with seeing what others are doing, having and becoming and being inspired by their life and experiences and noting that you’d like to do that and make choices in your life to create it.

Let what others have today inspire you to create what you want.


But when you compare yourself to people on social media and end up feeling anxious because it reminds you that you have failed somehow, then you are feeding the lie and perpetuating your present circumstances and your life will reflect that. You will not have what you desire because you don’t feel like you deserve it or are worthy of having it.

“Not feeling good enough” becomes your reality. So if you shift that belief of “I am not enough” to the truth you were born with thinking “I AM ENOUGH,” your life will start to reflect this reality.

Stop wasting your precious time and energy on feeling and thinking you’re not “good, smart, perfect, rich, hard working… enough.”

Instead of comparing yourself, let others inspire you (Photo @ Ian Schneider)

Instead of comparing yourself, let others inspire you (Photo @ Ian Schneider)

Inspired Daily Practice:

  • Stop judging others and yourself. It doesn’t serve either of you.

Instead, become conscious about what you appreciate and enjoy in life. If something isn’t working out the way you want it to, discover how you are responsible for creating it (inner thoughts and feelings  outer results) and what is needed to resolve or transform it.

  • Stop comparing yourself to anyone in social media or any other media platforms presenting sports figures and celebrities. You are unique!

There is no one like you and therefore
no one to compare yourself to.

You have your own timing and path to journey on. Inspire and celebrate yourself and others!

Understand most people are only sharing moments of their life (and usually the best ones.) What’s reflected on social media is not the whole picture. Other people are going through their trials just as you do, they face challenges and have feelings of not being good enough just like you do. The difference is that you are now aware of it and you know how to overcome that lie. Celebrate those role models that inspire and motivate you to grow and expand your life. Let them open up worlds you never thought possible!

  • Shift you mindset to say “I can, I will, and I AM enough!” 

As always I would love for you to share your comments below
and share this friends and family! Thank you!

Loving you unconditionally,


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