You Need Connection, Love, Peace, and Support to Thrive

You Need Connection, Love, Peace, and Support to Thrive

We all need connection, love, peace, and support to thrive!



One of the important points that came through in my channeling was that if we slow down in all areas of our lives and connected more with each other we would all feel more love, peace, and support. When we feel supported, connected, loving and at peace, we can create what we desire and make life better for ourselves and others.

  1. slow down the pace of your life, put down the phone and have experiences and conversations, smell the roses, become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
  2. create community – let’s unite holistically from the heart
  3. be inspiring
  4. express your love
  5. feel your feelings
  6. know you are connected to everything
  7. join a community of friends that inspire you and that make you want to be a better human being
  8. let yourself change
  9. be creative

Harvest festival ceremony with the Monpa’s in Bhutan

Community Ideas:

Consciousness groups
Spiritual communities
Volunteer for causes that matter to you
Join a sports team
Hobby meet-up group
Join a Cause, where you can make a difference
Be creative in a group, create art for a community, art for causes, make music together, painting/drawing circle…
Hold a monthly book group
Travel/Cooking group
Start your own group on meet-up stay with it for at least a year

I started a women’s group that has been together for 30+ years.
I have a highly sensitive meetup group once a month
I’ve been in a book group
I’ve served on community boards
I was a founding member of NAWBO-SB, national association of women business owners
I’ve created a community of health practitioners to support and educate each other
I’ve created a group wherever I’ve seen a need and benefit for the community

It has always been my experience that:

We can create more together than we can on our own.
We are not here to do our work alone.
A community is fun and powerful!

How often we censor our true, raw experience because we think it makes us weak, crazy, too emotional, when it’s actually refusing the whole truth of our real experience that weakens us…”

“We aren’t born afraid to be our selves. We aren’t born fearing what other people will do or say in response to us, what their reaction will be. It is learned behavior. 

“It can be scary to be ourselves–so real, so aligned, so honest–because it pushes other people’s buttons. Because real-ness is scary to those who can’t be real in their own lives.

From astrologer JESSICA SHEPHERD from

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  1. Spot on! You don’t have to join the circus to feel useful, actually, the irony is, usually you’re more useful outside of the circus. Don’t get sucked in.


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