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 Millennials & Money Cafe
Empower, Inspire, and Motivate Millennials
Love, Live & Matter!

Sarah & Samantha

Sarah & Samantha of

Learn how other Millennials have transformed their limiting perceptions & habits and live a turned-ON life, increasing their wealth and well-being while making a difference
in the world.

Millennial Branding Expert & Entrepreneur Hope Brookins

Millennial Branding Expert & Entrepreneur Hope Brookins

I strongly believe that this generation, the core of the Millennials, are the future. Despite the negative reputation 18 – 36 year-olds may have, I know they are creative visionaries, entrepreneurial doers and powerful leaders that will guide this world into the next chapter.

Michael Grandinetti
Michael Grandinetti, Magician & Illusionist

 Millennials & Money Cafe is a podcast with and for 18-45 year-olds who are seeking answers to life’s big questions and are curious as to how others are finding their way to success and happiness. At M&M Cafe you will learn “how to” strategies to deepen and create new enriching experiences and realities for yourself through interviews with brilliant and powerful millennials just like yourself.  

Business Expert Shanda Sumpter

Business Expert Shanda Sumpter

Coach Marilyn and host of M&M Cafe invites guests to talk about their life story, inspirations and tips, tricks & failures so that you can be inspired and pave your own way doing what you love to do.

Knowing that Millennials seek guidance and inspiration, Coach Marilyn often shares “how to” tools listeners can use to accomplish their goals.

Her personable spirit makes this 30-minute podcast light-hearted, educational, inspirational and fun. She asks the questions you would want the answers to and offers great insight and intuition based on the guest and topic. 

Manifest and express in the world what your Soul desires and create a healthy relationship with money. Create wealth in all areas of your life; career, relationships, health, pleasure,  purpose and passion.

Previous guests include Michael Grandinetti, Renowned Magician and Illusionist

Join me and millennials who are making a difference, leading, innovating, entertaining and enlightening us today.  Learn and grow into the brilliant mess YOU truly are! 

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 Why Millennials & Money Cafe?

When I started using Margaret Lynch’s, Tapping Into Wealth Money Map on myself and my millennial clients I was shocked to see and witness how much our childhood environments programmed  our self-esteem, confidence and is creating our current financial situation. 

The Voice of Gen-Y, Britt Hysen, Millennial Magazine

The Voice of Gen-Y, Britt Hysen, Millennial Magazine

And I was excited that I had tools to help Millennials, like yourself, transform those negative habits and perceptions into high creative life force energy that leads you to living on purpose and in the flow of life. 

I am compelled to work with the 18-45 year olds because you are our next leaders, visionaries, healers and creatives. I know  you are here to help heal and transform the current negative energy of humanity and save the planet.  It is through your collective genius you can change our current reality for the highest good of ALL.

Entrepreneur Hawk Mikado

Entrepreneur Hawk Mikado

But you need to wake up from your programming and start living your truth. Let go of the lies you’ve taken on as your own story and reality. Learn to see with clear energy and your own designs. Your limiting beliefs and finical circumstances are holding you back from standing fully in your genius and I’m here to help you find your freedom.

I was in a place of suffering feeling less than, not good enough, not smart enough, not perfect enough, disempowered, unsafe… putting everyone first, thinking everyone knew better than me and suffering until I found out the information that I share with you on these calls, in my blogs, and through my coaching. I know how to do this because I walk it and I continue to walk my way to freedom. Let me open the door to infinite possibilities and your freedom no matter where you are in your life. There will be wisdom in every podcast for you to wrap your mind around.

Business Expert Kerry Heaps

Business Expert Kerry Heaps

I’d love for you to eradicate your needless suffering and bring more pleasure, abundance, freedom, loving and creating…into your life and the world.


Our negative thoughts, poor habits and lack of commitment to our goals and ourselves are tied up with money programming and our childhood conditioning. YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!

These beliefs are causing lots of stress reactions associated with feelings of unworthiness and shame! Stress is causing you to be unhealthy in mind, body and spirit. You will become very resourceful in ways to mask your pain, addictions, shopping, drugs or alcohol, manipulative sex, disconnection from your feelings, depression, gambling, anything that will distract you from the pain you experience not feeling good about yourself or your world.

Most of what is triggering your pain is unconscious, meaning you have no idea of the stress that is constantly running through you and what exactly caused the stress reaction. A lot of you just want to get through the day without feeling bad about yourself and wanting others to validate that you are alright, good enough and worthy of their attention and love. 

Bobby Hoyt

Millennials Money Man Bobby Hoyt

The most frequent statements I have been hearing from everyone is:  

“I wasn’t taught this”
“It’s impossible”
“I don’t deserve this”
“It’s going to be too hard”
“I don’t know what to do”
“I’m not good enough”

I was wondering how I could reach a bigger group of Millennials, so I can awaken them to HOW to stop their needless suffering, share their brilliance and needed gifts in the world and know their worthiness?

That’s when Millennials & Money Cafe was born.

I’m thrilled to offer you Millennials & Money Cafe Podcasts

We only hear what we are ready to hear at one time so listen multiple times to the episodes.  As you transform your mindset and negative habits you will raise your energy levels drawing to you new information, circumstances and people to help you align with your desires. You will raise your consciousness and become more aware of what you want and your focus will get stronger and you will become more empowered by your results and commitment to yourself.

I look forward to your comments on Facebook. Please ask questions, make interview topic and guest suggestions or leave comments.



 Marilyn O’Malley,CPCC is a Lioness for loving her clients unconditionally and training them to be committed to dreams and goals and empowered in the world. Her life experiences include and are not limited to being a certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, Modern Day Shaman, Pioneer, Entrepreneur, certified Life Coach, Creative, Radio Host and Author. 

Read her story and learn more about her at, Meet Marilyn

Connect with Marilyn   805 883-8598



“Before working with Marilyn and honing in on some niggly, and deep specifics of my wealth consciousness, I knew, in my mind, that more was possible financially, but was struggling to experience real change. I was the classic “starving artist” for a very long time – scraping by, rarely buying new things, believing that i had to sacrifice everything for my art.  And I did – relationship, material things, a home I loved, rest, real support – all of it.
Since working with her and tapping through these things that got programmed in at a very early age, so many major blocks have lifted.  Each time we tap and get into one of the more “juicy” issues, a financial breakthrough happens within days. It’s been amazing and such a relief.  I am finally saving money, bringing in a consistent income, creating monthly money goals (and meeting them) each month that far exceed what I thought was possible, buying things that I love with NO guilt, taking care of myself and expanding into more and more all the time.
I hadn’t realized just how deeply rooted these issues were, and how despite all of my best intentions and the vast amounts of work I had already done on my wealth consciousness, I was still stuck. I could create art, no problem, but getting paid well and not over-giving were definite sticking points. It’s amazing to be busting the starving artist paradigm out of the water and ushering a whole new one in – one where our desires, our creative gifts and all that we need is supported and freely flows.”
Jessica Serran
Artist, Guide + Psycho-Cartographer
How is your sense of self connected to your sense of place?
Field Guide to the Czech Psyche:  

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