How To Find Loving Relationships with Katie Hendricks

How To Find Loving Relationships with Katie Hendricks

How finding your zone of genius will help you create better relationships.

For years I’ve recommended the book Conscious Loving that Kathlyn (Katie) Hendricks co-authored with her husband Gay Hendricks to my clients and followers. Katie is an inspiration when it comes to finding loving relationships.

Now it is with great pleasure that I interviewed Katie Hendricks for my Millennials and Money Cafe Podcast. I know so many millennials suffering from the lack of deep connection with significant others and in the interview Katie shared key solutions to resolve these personal challenges and so much more.

Katie shares valuable relationship advice for Millennials about how to create loving relationships, upper limiting in relationships, what your zone of genius is and why it’s key to finding the right partner and awesome resources for overcoming relationship fears.

An important message you can take away from this conversation is how important YOU are to the relationship instead of putting everything on the other person. We cover a lot of key points to creating a loving relationships from conscious loving, fears, personal power, commitment, relationships, self-love, self worth, to the importance of becoming authentically you.

We even discussed how people are addicted to adrenaline and how it is draining them and their personal power to create instead of being turned on to life and feeling full and fulfilled. 

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Conscious Loving Ever After: The Practices

You can find the Secrets to “what really makes love last”  on Katie’s website for Hearts In Harmony. You can also learn about the Hendricks Institute by clicking HERE.


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