Meditation: Raise Your Vibe, Change Your Life

Meditation: Raise Your Vibe, Change Your Life

This week I share a meditation with you that will help you change how you feel. You’ll be guided to raise your vibration and expand your emotional experiences so that you override the negative emotions that have been habitually and unconsciously limiting you.

If you don’t like your current reality you have to do something new to create a new one. Just like I have been doing. You create your world through your thoughts, feelings and actions. So let’s change how you feel about yourself and the world around you in order to create a better world for you to live and thrive in.

How are you feeling right now? Close your eyes and listen what’s going on in your head. Notice what emotions and thoughts are running in the background of your mind. You might try it for a day. Are they expansive and supportive of where you want to be or are they beating you down and abusive? And are you believing that this internal abuse will make you better? It won’t, ever!
Beating yourself up will never make you better at anything, it just keeps you mind, body and spirit living in fear/stress. (It’s killing you!!!!)

When I did listened to myself I found out how abusive and disempowering I was to myself without my awareness. I learned this voice was not who I was and that I could become the Marilyn I imagined I’d like to be. So I started using a variety of tools and myself as a guinea pig to transform my life.

Today I’m a successful work in progress, what I call a Brilliant Juicy Mess. I love myself, my life and I’m thriving in the moment. I still catch moments of the old programming playing in the background, but they don’t run me any more. I want this for you—because you are so much more than you can imagine and the negative voice is limiting your ability to fully express what you came into your body to create at this time in history.

You are a brilliant juicy mess that we want to see and hear and play with. There is no reason that you should have to suffer needlessly.


You are the creator of your world, Yes YOU Are! Through your  feelings, memories, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions (all connected) you produce the results of your life.
You don’t “see” the world through your eyes, you “produce it”  it through you beliefs and perceptions.

Allowing yourself to feel more elevated emotions for longer periods than what your currently experiencing  is like editing your role as supporting actor to lead role.  This shift in presence and soon belief about what is possible changes how you “see and experience” yourself and your world.

There are Instructions in the beginning of the podcast, but I’ve also written them out here for your convenience. The meditation starts at 9 minutes.

I’d recommend that you introduce this meditation into a daily practice for at least 3 weeks to reprogram your old vibration into a higher and more vital energy for creating the life you deserve.
Until the new emotions become natural to you.


This is not an easy exercise because most of us don’t want to become conscious of the thoughts and feelings we’re currently running our lives because
we believe them to be true and it’s painful.  The truth is a lot of what you believe and perceive of yourself and world is programmed during childhood and it is not who you authentically are.
You can change your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions by practicing new ways of being, by allowing yourself to experience new and higher vibrational feelings and thoughts.
Change your emotional habits, change your life!

  1. Write down, What your worst day feelings are?
    What do you feel regularly negative about yourself and your world?

Here is help:
A Feelings worksheet link

Use these 3 fears to help you pin down the thoughts that are driving you daily feelings…

Fear of not being enough (Smart, skinny, wealthy, sexy, pretty, good, perfect…)

Fear of Rejection (I’m alone, I’m worthless, I’m not loveable, I feel abandoned…)

Fear of Being Powerless- “I can’t______________ (do this, find love, be seen and heard, be supported…)

These feelings leave you feeling not safe, shame, insecurity, stressed, and disempowered.

2. Write down what your best day feelings are? Use a day you’ve actually experienced or make up one.
What do you want to feel throughout your day? What feelings and beliefs would you experience if you were thriving?

If you need help, use the feeling list and look at the opposite of your fears.

Check out last weeks vlog to add more meaning to this meditation and exercise Change What is Holding You Back from Success

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