Meditation & Energy Class in Santa Barbara

Meditation & Energy Class in Santa Barbara

Are You Feeling:

Overwhelmed, Stressed, Confused, Stuck, Lacking, or Depleted?

Do you know that 90% of what you are feeling is not your energy?


Instead of Peace, Clarity, Focus, Energy, Love, Connection, Health,


What if you could control how you feel no matter what is going on around you?


I invite you to join my weekly 

Meditation & Energy Class 

focused on clearing, raising your energy levels and receiving while you

learn simple, yet profound ways to work with your energy & minds

everyday, making for a more fulfilling and happier life!


Wednesdays Starting Jan. 4th 


$20 a class

208 Selrose Lane

Santa Barbara, Ca 93109

805 883-8598


I help you to grow into the person you have to become

to create and live the life you desire.


30 years in Health Profession

3000+ hours of Life Coaching

Life Coach, CTI Certified

Energy Coach,

Master Passion Test Facilitator


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