Manifestation – Highly Sensitives

Manifestation – Highly Sensitives




Manifestation is the conscious awareness that we create our reality based on our thoughts and feelings.

A misconception about manifestation is that it is created by thought alone and that is not true. This is why many people think manifestation doesn’t work. I explain all of this in the video.


Highly Sensitives, like everyone, have limited thoughts and feelings (resistance) that get in our way of manifesting what we desire. Empathy and our sensitivity to our environments and others also get in the way of our manifesting energy (flow)…learn how in the video.

3 steps of manifestations

  1. Take responsibility for your energy and emotions; Change Resistance into Flow
  2. Get comfortable with uncertainty; I’m OK whether it works or Not
  3. Know and appreciate your connection to Source/God/Quantum Field; I am grateful for the energy greater than I can imaging that serves my desires

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