Living Your Dream with Magician Michael Grandinetti

Living Your Dream with Magician Michael Grandinetti

Michael Grandinetti is not your ordinary magician. With performances on national and international television, in arenas, casinos, and theaters around the country, with Oscar winning composers and symphony orchestras, for NFL halftime shows and major sporting events while surrounded by 70,000 people, for Fortune 500 companies, and even at The White House, Michael has made a name for himself around the world as an extremely talented and innovative illusionist and entertainer. Michael is currently starring in both “Masters of Illusion”, now in its second season on The CW, and the new “Don’t Blink” series on Pop TV, both airing nationally and internationally. And it all started when he received a magic set for Christmas, at five years old. Today, Michael is here to tell us about his world of magic, and how he was able to magically transform that magic set into the realization of his childhood dream.

Michael suggests, “Don’t know what you can’t do!” so you don’t end up limiting yourself.
(Take time to wrap your mind around this one! It is a good one!)

Michael inspires and motivates from his experience:

Find your happiness first. What makes you happy?
Don’t believe there is anything you can’t do with your passion
Become a sponge for information regarding your passion; learn and grow
Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t work
Get out there and live it
Challenges are part of the experience
Set goals, make a plan and work it
Twitter: @GraninettiMG
Instagram: MichaelGrandinetti




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