The Art of Loving Yourself

The Art of Loving Yourself

Happy spring! The birds are going crazy around our home building nests, dive bombing Prince Philip our cat, and chasing each other. It’s fun to watch. Jeff and I have been working on our land in Santa Barbara clearing trees where the drive way and house will go. It is so exciting to create our sanctuary together. Every time I spend time there, I am falling more in love with the old oaks, each with their own personality and energy. I imagine painting them when I’m living there. We finally hang our gifted pray-flags from Barbara Savage who had them blessed in Bhutan for us and it felt so good! The picture below will be the view from the front of our home and I imagine I’ll be pastel painting these mountains many times.


This week I was interviewed for a free 14-day Tele-Summit called “Love Yourself Into Wealth” that starts May 26th, 2015. The interview inspired me and reminded me of a blog post I did last year about the Art of Love. I want to share with you this updated list of things you can be conscious of and remind yourself of when it comes to the “The Art of Loving Yourself” as these practices  will enable you to live a wealthy life.


  1. The ART of LOVING is experiencing a deep connection with your soul through inner work, feeling your feelings, meditating, following your happiness and being present in the moment.
  2. The ART of LOVING is knowing you are a loving, powerful, creative, divine, limitless and worthy spiritual being who co-creates reality with The Universe.
  3. The ART of LOVING is accepting what is and stop resisting what shows up in your life, thinking it should be different.  What you resist persists!
  4. The ART of LOVING is recognizing your desires are a powerful, creative and unique expression of you. If you deny them, you are spiritually hurting yourself. 
  5. The ART of LOVING is deeply caring for your Self in all circumstances & knowing that you serve everyone in serving yourself first.
  6. The ART of LOVING is to embrace we are all ONE and at the same time individuals creating our experience and no one is perfect.
  7. The ART of LOVING is making daily conscious choices that reflect our truth.
  8. The ART of LOVING is embodying the knowledge that your internal perception of yourself and the world creates your external experiences.
  9. The ART of LOVING is listening to your intuition.
  10. The ART of LOVING is uncovering and reprogramming your old beliefs, vows and patterns to fully know, embody and deeply care for your soul’s expression and pleasure.
  11. The ART of LOVING is allowing your creativity to be seen and heard in a way that feels expansive to you without any resistance or reliance on the approval of others.
  12. The ART of LOVING is to be passionately, radiantly and authentically ourselves every day.
  13. The ART of LOVING is forgiving yourself and others.
  14. The ART of LOVING is knowing you are the source of your love, power, WEALTH and creativity. 

Live a loving, wealthy and turned on life! Marilyn

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