Burnt out? Lonely? Gain Life/Work Harmony

Burnt out? Lonely? Gain Life/Work Harmony

“I’m burnt out! I can’t handle one more thing in my life. Something has to change or I’m going crazy!”

“I’m lonely and depressed!”

“I didn’t sign up for this lifestyle; all work and no play!”

These are a few of the comments I hear from my clients who are not living harmoniously.

Our ADD world and addictions to social media and media have to lead us into a 24 hour possible work day and way too much information that is creating anxiety, overwhelm, overstimulation and major stress on our body!

There is no balance in life, but you can find harmony/freedom/happiness/fulfillment.

First, let’s look at what is wellness and harmony would look like for you?

I really like Brendon Buchard’s definition of wellness, so I’m going to share that with you and I’m going to be addressing the first three bullet points in my discussion with Prakash Chandran on Life/Work Harmony. (Listen to Audio below)

Wellness is when:

  • You can stay present, focused, and even positive when life’s chaos is causing most people to be fearful and distracted.
  • You KNOW yourself, and you stay congruent with WHO YOU ARE when everyone is pressuring you to be someone else.
  • Your RELATIONSHIPS are vibrant, trusting, respectful, and deeply fulfilling.
  • You know how to beat stress every time it comes up. You DON’T get freaked out over little things, big things, bad days.
  • You know your “process” to get into the state of mind needed to be creative, to connect with others, to serve with real excellence.
  • You know HOW to set real BOUNDARIES… so that you are living YOUR life, on your terms, while still meeting your obligations, taking care of others, and collaborating to get more done faster.
  • You know EXACTLY what to do when you get “down,” when you are sad, frustrated, or feel like giving up.

Signs of Life/Work Disharmony

  1. Your body is in pain
  2. You let your health go downhill – no time for self-care
  3. You are always tired – brain overload from concentration, making decisions
  4. You lose your patience often
  5. You can’t remember the last time you had fun
  6. Frequent relationship struggles – lack of social life or family time
  7. Your Personal and Professional space is a mess
  8. You’re glued to your phone
  9. Unclear priorities
  10. You strive for perfection
  11. You’re usually overbooked
  12. You stay late to prove your worth
  13. Trouble sleeping
  14. Mental health decline
  15. Your work doesn’t feel meaningful
  16. You feel incompetent – never enough
  17. You’re lonely
  18. You’re working way too many hours 50+
  19. You keep thinking of quitting
  20. You always feel stressed and overwhelmed, life/work is too much

As you can see from the list above and most likely experience if you can relate to the list is that being out of life/work harmony is destructive to your life. It destroys your relationships, health, creativity, and careers.

This podcast Prakash Chandran, of Together SB, and I made for you is packed full of practical solutions. We’d love to hear your feedback and what you’re releasing and replacing to bring more harmony into your life and work.

Life/Work Harmony with Marilyn O’Malley and Prakash Chandran

      How to gain more life/work harmony

  1. Disconnect from work at home or specific time if you work at home
  2. Become more efficient at work
  3. Prioritize Self-care
  4. Reduce stress –
  5. Say “No” and set healthy boundaries
  6. Plan your week in advance
  7. Organize your day
  8. Simplify your life
  9. Delegate responsibilities
  10. Let things slide
  11. Change your relationship to time – “I have more than enough time to accomplish the things I need to do.”
  12. Take vacations
  13. Speak to your boss/employees about what you need in order to give your greatest service
  14. Ask and receive help
  15. Accept what is
  16. Remember you always have a choice
  17. Spend quality time with friends & family
  18. Be compassionate towards yourself, you’re growing and learning
  19. Do something every week that makes your heart sing – fill yourself up
  20. Walk your own path in your business and life.

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One Comment

  1. I have been working toward that balance all my life. With high vibrational center such wonderful manipulation is possible. Many of those took repetive pactice in learning how to keep enough energy for myself. If you have no light or energy you will have non to share. Keep some for yourself and it will replenish.

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