I’m Highly Sensitive; Am I OK?

I’m Highly Sensitive; Am I OK?

I am a highly sensitive person.  When I walk into a room, I pick up on the mood, the decorations, the high and low energy of people, and lots of other subtleties.  My intuition is incredibly awake.  Without an understanding of my personal boundary between my energy and the rest of my environment, I can become easily overwhelmed.  It’s like I am a leaf blowing around in the wind.  Not everybody values my highly sensitive trait.  That sometimes makes me feel flawed and then I take on an ‘I’ll show you’ attitude. As I learn more about my highly sensitive self, I experience the value and accept it as a gift. The more the world experiences our gifts, the more humanity will know our value.

My experience, first walking into Marilyn O’Malley’s office was like other exciting times in my life.  My third eye was wide open, scanning the many different things in my surroundings.  She taught me about people like me, and herself, who process their internal and external worlds in a very unique way.  We sense things around us and take on their energy around us as if it is our own, leaving us feeling weak, overwhelmed and vulnerable.

So intrigued by all this new information, I was ecstatic when she mentioned she would do an energy reading with me.  Once she cleared the energy in the room, centered her head, connected with the earth through the body, and prepared to let energy move freely, we began.  She told me to say my name three times.  I did, and then she asked me if I had any questions.  I was surprised to hear myself respond, “Am I okay?”  After a brief pause, we both burst into laughter.

Take a test to see if you are a Highly Sensitive Person: A Highly Sensitve Self Test

The truth is that being highly sensitive is not a flaw, it is not an illness, and we who possess this trait are not crazy.  Highly sensitives have a gift.  I know that I am here to help change the world, and nothing will stop me from achieving this as long as I hold that belief.  We live in a world with a spectrum of sensitive people and we are all here to cheer on each other.  The power comes in knowing about being highly sensitive and owning it.

Marilyn created a great audio, below, to help highly sensitive people understand what it means to be someone that is actively managing, clearing, and creating their personal energy.  One thing I recommend as a highly sensitive to anyone struggling with this misunderstood trait is to learn to turn off your third eye when you don’t need it!  You will see a shift in your gift, and not be so overwhelmed.  Listen to her tips and create a daily practice to shift your perspective and experience of being highly sensitive from a pain to a gift.

Audio lesson on managing your energy as a highly sensitive person

By: Kendra Koskin

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