Learn Why You’re NOT Manifesting What You Desire

Learn Why You’re NOT Manifesting What You Desire

There is confusion about what it takes to manifest those things that you really want but can’t seem to produce. In this vlog, I share with you key foundational knowledge that supports you in raising your success level of manifesting.  I have learned the art and science of manifesting for over 15 years, practicing and teaching it. I know it works for everyone!

You see you are manifesting all the time! Yes, you are calling into your life whatever you subconsciously believe you can have, do or be.  So it’s very important for you to create with BELIEFS that are aligned with your desires and not with what you don’t want. When your beliefs are out of alignment with your desire, you’ll keep calling in your unconscious programming. Until you reprogram your limiting beliefs, you’ll remain repeating your past experiences.  Learn more from the video below.

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Your past experiences, thoughts and
feelings expressed over and over in your life = Beliefs 

All of Your Beliefs create your Perception of yourself and your world.

  Your Perceptions = Your Reality


You behave, take action, and make choices based on your beliefs in your career, relationships, health, finances, self-care, self-love that matches and backs up your belief system…

Childhood programming/conditioning comes from parenting, schooling, religion, media, peer pressures, culture…create your beliefs and then you live them out until you change them. A lot of our adult life is lead by childhood programming/beliefs that aren’t true to your authentic self and undermine you living your purpose and passions.

Old thoughts and feelings, beliefs, and perceptions predict your future because you are living from your programming.

To change you have to change how you think and feel, so you can create new experiences and new beliefs about what is possible for you and the world. And repeat daily. It requires being more conscious about where you focus your thoughts, behavior and choices and being uncomfortable with the unknown. Change has to happen inside you first before it manifests in your reality. When you change your beliefs and perception your life will transform.

Most of you don’t think consciously, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unlovable”, “I’m unworthy, “I’m alone”, or “I’m not safe.” Most of these beliefs are buried deeply in your subconscious mind with habitual behaviors and emotions attached to them. They direct you without you thinking about it and it’s your job to free yourself from their negative hold.

Ways to change your limiting beliefs:

  1. Apply logic; what is true, science, knowledge…
  2. Create new experiences that debunk/override learned belief
  3. Practice a variety of energy work; tapping, self-hypnosis, expansive meditation, raising energy levels
  4. Reprogram your behaviors, emotions, and beliefs to match your authentic self
  5. Manage your limiting feelings and thoughts to create new beliefs
  6. Witness others living your desire
  7. Train with someone who positively manifests, who knows how to spot limiting beliefs and actions, and trains others to do the same.

See if any of these beliefs hook you

Life is difficult

It’s challenging to find the right man

Something is wrong with me

I’m not perfect

I’m overwhelmed by my feelings

If I feel good something bad will happen

I don’t feel safe be me

I don’t feel safe in the world

I have to be in control or everything will fall apart.

I have to be on high alert or something bad will happen

People cause pain

Pain will kill me

Love = Pain

Money = Love

I’m too much

People aren’t  trustworthy

I don’t trust myself

Everything must be perfect or it’s not good enough

I have to be hypervigilant to survive

Brains are more important dependable/reliable than heart

My past determines my future

I suffer because of my past

It’s my parents fault I feel pain

I don’t trust my feelings

Nothing ever works out the way I want it to

I’m unlucky

Everyone in my family has to work hard

I can’t have more than any of my family members

I have to struggle or suffer to get what I want

I’m not supported

It’s not safe to stand up

I’ve never been supported

I’m not worthy of support

I’m not smart enough

No one gets me

I’m a pain to others

I’m alone

I don’t belong anywhere

I don’t know what my value is

I’m lost

I can’t _________________
(lose weight, make money, find love,,,)

No one wants to hire me

I can’t find a job

I’ll never be _____________

I’m at a disadvantage because I’m  _______________ (Republican, Jewish, a Women, Black, Hispanic, Islamic,…)

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