Learn Why Is It Hard For You To Be In Your Body

Learn Why Is It Hard For You To Be In Your Body

Highly Sensitive & Creative People have a hard time being in their bodies, because it feels too painful or unsafe. We’ve learned to move out of our bodies and more in the spirit realm in order to not feel the pain and suffering of others, humanity and our planet as a means for survival. We also discovered that we didn’t like feeling bad about ourselves so we would distract ourselves with thinking and spacing out as an alternative to feeling.

After escaping our feelings for awhile, it becomes a habit that eventually turns into who we believe we are…people who get overwhelmed by daily stuff because it requires us to come into our bodies and experience what we have been avoiding. (I am simplifying for this article, there are many variables as there are people)

Not being in our bodies and feeling our feelings affects our personal and professional ability to do what is necessary to thrive, become prosperous and live a life we love instead of living to avoid and survive.
We can’t manifest what we desire, unless we know what we desire and to know what we
desire requires us to feel into our soul, body sensations, core essence and breakthrough
the childhood programming that is leading us blindly down a path that is not ours.

We are essentially living our lives from our childhood programming. Our wounded inner child has made decisions that continue to unconsciously create our lives, NOW. Is that working? Our life is being designed by our little girl/boy until we take responsibility and start making new conscious choices, like deciding to start healing our wounds and feeling our feelings.

Not being energetically in our bodies makes it hard to manifest what we desire because we aren’t feeling them or allowing our personal life force (in your lower chakras) to fuel and express your desires out into the world. Like a kink in a hose or a clogged artery, your natural spirit and life energy is blocked and cutting off your magnetizing life force. When we block feeling the pain we also block feeling lives pleasures.

Healing the heart is a excellent way to start allowing yourself to be more in your body. One of the most powerful ways to do that is with forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others. This will allow you to start to coming back into your body.

Repeating the Hawaiian pray, below, to your inner child and to others in your life is a simple yet, profound healing tool.
Remember healing and the creation of your life starts  with you first.  Work on you first!

And watch what miracles happen!                            watercolor heart

I’m Sorry! (you had to suffer, I didn’t listen to you, I shamed you, not valuing you, thinking you…)

Please Forgive Me!   (for not loving you, ignoring you, judging you, abandoning you….)

I Love You!

Thank You!




Please share what you gain from this blog as it helps other see that others have similar experiences or it gives them permission to come out and be more themselves.

To creating your prosperous and juicy life,

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