Learn How to Harmonize Your Heart and Brain

Learn How to Harmonize Your Heart and Brain

I’m sharing a simple yet profound ancient tool to help you harmonize your heart and brain.

Because it will help you manage being in your body better, relieve stress and stress hormones, increase your intuition and creativity, initiate over 1300 biochemical reactions including anti aging and boosting your immune system, helps you build resilience, opens up your learning capacity and is key to deepest truth of who you are…

I will explain and guide you in the video below through the process.



Learn more about the HeartMath Institute regarding Heart/Brain connection research

How to Harmonize your Heart and Brain outline

  1. Turn your awareness inward to your heart space. It helps to place you finger, hand, or hands in any position that is comfortable to you over your heart to keep you attention focused there.
  2. Slow your breathing down (example: 5 sec. inhalation, 5 sec exhalation).
  3. Choose to feel in your heart either one or more of the following emotions: care, gratitude, appreciation, compassion for anything or anyone.

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