Learn How To Feel Safe Being You?

Learn How To Feel Safe Being You?
Your feelings of safety affect your ability to thrive and be happy.
Learn how your childhood programming and loyalty to your family has affected how you show up in the world.
Do you feel safe to be you?
Do you get your needs meet being you or do you believe you have to sacrifice yourself?
Do you feel you have to be perfect in order to receive any rewards?


To learn more LISTEN TO:  Ready To Feel Safe?
Replay of The Embodying Prosperity Radio Show 5/27/14
There are several tools to interrupt your unconscious  thoughts & feelings of being unsafe:
  1. bring yourself into the present moment-become conscious, get out of the past or future
  2. become aware of your negative programming
  3. take Oxytocin breaths, oxytocin breathe video
  4. EFT tapping,
  5. yawning calms you down and brings you more into consciousness,
  6. work with a life coach,
  7. feel your connection to Source/God/Quantum Field,
  8. heal your inner child
  9. more….

All these things will help you feel safer and become happier enabling you to expand your life and create your desires.

Please leave any comments below so others may learn from your experience and knowledge.
Asking questions  helps everyone learn…I don’t want this to be just about me giving you information.
I desire to help you experience and “know” who you are in your cells and that takes time observing and asking yourself questions about your believes and unconscious programming. Take the time YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Loving you,
Marilyn blue beach

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