Launch Your Life

“Launch Your Life” Private Seminar Course Description

For Conscious Entrepreneurs and Inspired Leaders

Personal Power Expert™ Marilyn O’Malley will lead professionals
limited to nine people

805 883-8598
Santa Barbara, CA 

12 Tuesdays beginning Sept. 11. 2012
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
$600 / payments available


Have you attained the ambitious goals you set for yourself earlier this year? Do you find it difficult to achieve the success you’ve always envisioned? Perhaps you just feel stuck or robbed of your focus and motivation. If so, then it’s time to hone the most important tool you have—your own personal power.

In this twelve-week-long seminar, I’ll teach you how to unlock your potential and create a richer life, using a series of concrete steps and custom-made exercises.

–       You’ll learn how to zero in on your calling and gain clarity in your life;

–       You’ll explore the blocks you’ve erected to prevent yourself from succeeding;

–       You’ll transform those old patterns into new pathways;

–       You’ll feel what it’s like to be empowered and ready to achieve.

Once you’ve broken free of old ways, you’ll tap into more energy, joy and success while cultivating more passion and fulfillment in your life. All it takes is commitment.

I specialize in launching entrepreneur and leaders who want to wield more influence in the world without sacrificing their personal lives.
I accept only those clients who are ready to step into more powerful positions and experience a bolder, richer life.

My seminars and classes provide a safe, supportive, and confidential environment for leaders who want to think and be bigger in the world. Unlike a traditional life coach, I apply my strong intuition to my technical skills, and draw upon different modalities to help clients reach their optimum performance levels.

Here are the areas we’ll tackle:

A. Every four weeks includes a 30-minute private reading with Marilyn.

B.  Every class includes energy work as a group to help you ground, clear and expand your energy.

1. Sept. 11: Introducing Ourselves and Connecting.

2. Sept. 18: Creating clarity and purpose: What do you envision in your life and why?

3. Sept 25: Preparing the mind, body, and spirit for success.

4. Oct. 2: Examining your habits, beliefs and fears that block your progress

5. Oct. 9: Managing your mind, catapulting your performance

6. Oct. 16: Owning who you are and “Shining your Light.”

7. Oct. 23: Learning how to trust your intuition and make better decisions

8. Oct. 30: Plugging leaky holes, opening “Big Windows.”

9. Nov. 6: Organizing your life for tip-top performance

10. Nov. 13: Working less to accomplish more

11. Nov. 20:  Unleashing your expertise to influence and help others.

12. Nov. 27: Measuring progress and celebrating!

Marilyn O’Malley is a certified life coach and facilitator of change. As co-founder of Essence Coaches, a global company, Marilyn herself is a conscious leader. She started in the 1980s by studying parapsychology at John F. Kennedy University. There, she designed a program that combined academic studies with holistic practices. She went on to apply her study of the mind with therapeutic body work, helping clients enhance performance, heal traumas and reduce chronic stress. Marilyn has worked with mind trainer John Assaraf (featured in the movie, The Secret and author of The Answer), David Morelli of Everything is Energy, and is certified by the prestigious Coach Training Institute with over three thousand hours of life coaching.

Over the past 30 years, she has dedicated herself to helping leaders develop their innate talents in ways that lift others. Many of her clients have gone on to achieve long-cherished goals: one client went from a chronically traumatic existence to creating a joyful life with fulfilling work; another’s breakthrough art was featured in Newsweek, an artist went from local artist to nationally know, while yet another changed her limited thinking to expand her business beyond her wildest dreams.


                        Be fully engaged and energized in your magnificent life!

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