Is Being an Empath Stifling Your Well-Being?

Is Being an Empath Stifling Your Well-Being?

As an empath, do you feel you don’t have control of your emotions around other people?

Do you feel like you’re a leaf in a hurricane emotionally throughout the day?

Do you believe it’s good for you to feel everyone’s suffering and pain?

As a sensitive or empath, we have high emotional responses to the energy around us as we tune into our environments all day. As a child empath, we are not taught how to manage all the energy we tune into, so we end up taking on other people’s emotions as our own. This disempowers us as it drains our life energy and it takes us out of living our own life path. We become easily affected by what is happening around and become rattled inside by it. This is not healthy and it keeps you stuck in your life.

When we don’t have control over our emotions because we are tapping into other peoples vibes we get dragged down, not in our power or our energy, we become not ourselves. Learning to be unconditional = neutral without taking on their emotions and pain as your own will help you be healthier, happier, and live your life more vibrantly.

Being empathic is someone who has an emotional and/or physical response to a vibration.

In my search to set myself and my clients free of constraints, I am always looking for ways that we, as spiritual human BEings, disempower ourselves with our need as sensitives to be emotional loving providers to everyone around us before ourselves. I grew up thinking that my nurturing and care for everyone around me was who I was, but later in life, I realized I did it to feel needed so I wouldn’t be abandoned and so I could feel I mattered.

What about you, how has being an empath conditioned your life today?

Being empathic as a child was overwhelming to me. I was feeling the pain and suffering as well as happiness and joy in the people around me and my first reaction was I was the cause. So my childlike instinct was to help them feel better by being a “good girl” and not be any trouble. After many years of being the “good girl” and taking care of others, I realized that it wasn’t me causing the pain or happiness and that I was an empath. I didn’t know anything about energy work then, so I thought I’d still help them solve their problems because I didn’t want to feel their pain when I was around them.

How did being an empath influence your childhood?

Through my years as a coach and teacher I have developed and learned how to be a healthy and empowered empath; to be able to feel others without taking on their energy and I want to share this information with you.

In the video below I share:

Why we let the strongest vibe around us rule us

Why labeling yourself an empath keeps you stuck

How to reframe empath so it empowers you

Why it’s important for healers, teachers, leaders…to KNOW this information

Daily practice to free yourself from feeling other people’s energy…more

Definition of Being Empathic:

Being empathic is someone who has an emotional and/or physical response to a vibration. You are tuning into the vibrations around you and in your environment. You have the ability to understand and experience the feelings of another. You can identify with someone else’s feelings, thoughts or attitudes.

Meditation to be in an unconditional state:

Quiet your mind, remove your resistances, connect into yourself and to Source/God/Quantum Field = allows your natural unconditional vibrations to rise up.

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