How to Set A Money Goal You Can Achieve

How to Set A Money Goal You Can Achieve

I’m editing my first book on how you can attract more money and fulfillment into your life.

I thought since we are at the beginning of a new year, I would share the first step with you,
How to Set A Money Goal You Can Achieve.
Even though I talk about money goals here, you can replace the money goal with any other goals you desire. The steps are the same.

These are steps I’ve taken my clients through over the last 15 years that gain lasting results.

I’d love to have your feedback, so please comment below and share what you come up with.

Listen to the video first and then the written instructions are below the video.

Complete each step before moving onto the next.  Each step builds on the previous one.


  1. Create an inspiring money goal with a real number that is a stretch, and do-able. For example if you are making $25,000 per year, choose a money goal of $50,000 per year. Or move from $2500 per month to $5000 per month.Once you have set your money goal, write the number down. Then follow the below steps:
    If money isn’t your goal right now, write down a clear statement of any of what you want to achieve or attract.



When you are learning to manifest more than you presently have, it WILL trigger fears and deeply hidden beliefs that will want to reject your goal. So if you haven’t done a lot of clearing of your deep limiting beliefs you will unconsciously come up with all sorts of excuses to stop yourself from taking any actions towards your goal. It will feel impossible, even unsafe. Understand that going forward may feel like you have a devil and angel on each shoulder playing with your head. Keep reading and follow the instructions and you will become calmer and more confident.

When you have removed major blocks and are good at receiving and KNOW your power to create, you can then take big leaps.

  1. Know WHY you want that amount of money.
    What is the money for? How will it serve you and others?
    What experiences and feelings are you going to create with this money?Here are some examples to get you started:
  • Invest my money so it is making more money for me         
  • Create an emergency savings account
  • Pay off my debt
  • Make a beautiful and nurturing home for my family
  • Take an amazing vacation
  • Start and support a family
  • Grow my business by hiring a salesperson
  • Hire a cleaning woman, cook, personal assistant
  • Help more people have clean drinking water in Africa
  • Put my children through college
  • Invest in personal development and education for myself


You’re not waking up to pay the bills, but you are waking up to create a life that brings you joy, fulfillment, and purpose. What accomplishments and results would get you feeling excited about your life?

  1. Think about WHO YOU will BECOME in the process of receiving more money. How will it help you create more joy and desired experiences? How will you feel about yourself and your life? That is what you are going for and it is exciting and filled with passion and purpose! Imagine and write it all down.


  1. Make a list of your gifts and talents that you can share with lots of people to help you with your brainstorming.

Are there any gifts and talents you have that you are not getting paid for, but could start charging for? Don’t feel guilty about charging for something that is easy for you to do or that you love doing it. What’s easy for you is not easy for others. It’s a limiting belief to that causes you to feel guilty about taking money for something you like doing and is easy for you and one reason why you haven’t made the money you could be making.


  1. Brainstorm 10 inspiring ways to serve/reach/help MORE people to experience who you are and what you bring to the world. Don’t stop short of 10!  You’ll be amazed at what comes up for #9 and #10 because you’ve stretched your imagination because your intuition will kick in.Imagine how you can play in a bigger way in the world, reaching more people or solving bigger problems.For example:
  • Write a book or screenplay
  • Travel the world speaking, sharing your message/trainings
  • Organize a workshop
  • Create a documentary film
  • Make YouTube Videos
  • Start podcasting
  • Start a support or meet-up group
  • Turn a passionate hobby into a business
  • Create more value in your current service and raise your prices


  1. Choose one of your ideas as a means of increasing your income from your brainstorming list that you want to bring into reality.  Start visualizing what it will look and feel like, who it serves, how it serves them, and what support you need (i.e. do you need to learn something or hire someone?) This will become part of Step 3.□ STEP 1 COMPLETE

Please share this with others if you found it valuable for yourself! 


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