How To Relieve Your Money Stress

How To Relieve Your Money Stress

I don’t have enough money, why am I not making more?”

“How can I make more money without working twice as hard and sacrificing myself?”

“What is wrong with me that I can’t make more money or build my business?”

“Is it alright for me to want more?

I get asked these questions all the time.

We may have very clear goals for what we want and wonder why the Law of Attraction and what we are doing isn’t working for us.  Well, it is our limiting subconscious blocks, a collection of emotions, beliefs and childhood programming related to money, that are keeping us from creating more money and opportunities in our life.


These limiting, subconscious beliefs and emotions keep us feeling like we are not ready or worthy of success or financial reward. They put us into a stressed-out state and keep us from taking the actions that would help us manifest more for ourselves.

Imagine yourself sitting in your running car consciously thinking of a goal you desire, a destination you want like doubling your income. You put your foot on the gas pedal and start to move forward, but unconsciously you put your other foot on the brake because of your subconscious belief that you can’t have what you desire (it’s not safe; you’re not ready; you need to get everything perfect; what will others think of you? etc.) Now you are stuck because your subconscious mind is stronger and faster than your conscious mind.

How do our thoughts and feelings about money create stress?

 “There is not enough money!”

“I feel anxiety, fear, and overwhelmed when there is no savings!”

“If I was good enough, I would be able to make more money!”

“I’m really f**ked! I have too much debt.”

“I’m embarrassed and ashamed of my financial situation!”

“I’m a failure!”

“I’m worthless”

“I never feel safe!”

“I don’t know how to do this but I know I should.”

“Money feels connected to problems, anger and confrontation”

This is a very short list of feelings and thoughts my clients have had around their savings, income and debt. As you can see, all of them are strong, emotional statements that create a stress response in the brain and body. We are dealing with money every day, most of the day. Unconsciously or consciously we are feeling a lot of stress just from our relationship with money and it is affecting our health, wealth and relationships. These emotions make us feel like we are in constant danger.

It is the meaning we give money, not money itself, that is causing us to have our reactions to it

Until we feel perfect enough, good enough, safe and worthy, we won’t allow ourselves to relax and have what we desire or need. Out of fear we take actions like working harder, sacrificing ourselves, beating ourselves up, perfecting what is already good enough, procrastinating, sabotaging, denying ourselves support, pleasures and happiness, that actually take us away from our goal.

When we think we are not good enough or not deserving, it creates a sense of danger in our mind. The danger being that we will be found out to be imperfect, that who we’ve been portraying to be in hopes of fitting in, to be safe and loved is actually a fraud.

This raises our cortisol levels and triggers other physical and neurological responses, putting us in a state of high alert which is called stress. We react to the stress either wanting to Fight it (Battle/Rebel/get busy doing) or Flight/ Flee it (ignoring, distracting ourselves, or self medicating to not feel it.

The dangers we most associate with money are the ones we’ve learned

…from our families, culture, religion and media. Dangers relating to money are low self-esteem, abandonment, not fitting in, standing out, lack of confidence, shame, self-abuse and disappointment, unworthiness, and guilt. We don’t want to feel that pain because we haven’t been taught how to handle our emotions, so we do what is easiest and avoid the issues.

Avoidance keeps all that stress building up in our body and the emotions stuck in our energy system make and keep us in an unhealthy mental and physical state blocking the good energy (wealth, health, love…) and opportunities from flowing to us.

These blocks are shutting off our life force energy, our charismatic energy, our personal power to design and manifest the life we desire and serve others in all our brilliance.

Not getting to the root of our problems is hurting us in all aspects of our lives

Financially it keeps us from attracting new clients, stops the flow of money  and keeps us from being seen and heard as the brilliant beings we are.

If you want to increase you income, savings and pay off your debt you will need to recognize that money has a mind/body component that will require you to look within yourself and see what is the root of your limiting subconscious blocks and clear them.


How do we change our thoughts and emotions around money? 

I use tapping to clear away the blocks that keep us from having money and heal any emotions related to it (or any other issues). Tapping was originally called Emotional Freedom Technique in the US and developed by Roger Callahan and has been used to treat veterans and victims of mass genocide for PTSD.

This technique is very simple, yet profound.  It gets to the root of our money blocks and other issues quickly. Tapping frees us from negative emotions related to fears, limiting beliefs, and memories that block us unconsciously. We can also tap to reprogram positive emotions in the subconscious mind and uplift the positive hormone levels of our body to make us feel calmer and lighter. We can measure our success in lowering or raising the emotions as we tap through a session.

Tapping was developed around the principles of acupuncture which has been used to clear energy blocks and health issues for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Imagine a sort of human electrical system that flows through the meridian points of the body. Tapping with two fingers on  these specific points on and around the head stimulate the meridians to help clear the energy blocks and get flow going where it was stuck.  (Tapping points shown on picture above)

This human energy system has been associated with the fight or flight autonomic system, the sympathetic nervous system in the body. Tapping on the specific acupuncture points can actually flip a switch and disconnect an electrical circuit and turn off a reaction to something we’re thinking about like money, bills, or memory of a scary event. Tapping disconnects the thought from the autonomic nervous reaction in the body and the negative emotions get calmer or disappear. We can relax because it stops the stress response and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for relaxation.

If you want to learn more you can read my  mentor’s book, Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch

My clients and I have found that using this Tapping tool for our blocks around money has positively affected every area of our lives more than we expected. Money is a self-worth and deserving issue, not an intelligence factor. We avoid it because we don’t want to experience ourselves as not good enough or broken because what if it is true, how painful would that be?

Below is a tapping session to help you relieve your money stress. Follow the instructions on the video and share with me how this worked for you.

To you knowing your worthiness and receiving your wealth!

​Loving you,


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