How to Manage Your Anxiety with Tapping

How to Manage Your Anxiety with Tapping


Anxiety seems to be rising with all the crazy events around the world.  Every young adult I talk to tells me they are anxious about their future, terrorism, job, money, relationships, friendships, Trump, and war…
They don’t feel safe! 
As highly sensitives we can feel the anxiety of others and this can trigger our fears to pop up and try to control us.
Learning how to manage your anxiety is key to keeping yourself empowered and calm, rather than being swept away by the collective angst. 


Below are 3 videos that will give you tools to shut down and/or manage your anxiety. Each of the videos feed into each other. I provide you with tools that get to the root of the problem and pull them out of existence. You may not understand why I’m focusing you in a certain direction, nor do you need to…just follow along, trust me and see what lets go. These are amazing, simple tools that have profound effects. I use them on myself and my clients everyday. 

I find it helps to understand a little of the science of what is happening when you are stressed and anxious then you see why you need to apply the tools I share with you described in part 1.


***Medications can create anxiety, check your medications side effects. 


Medications can create anxiety, check your medications side effects. These tools won’t work well in this situation.
See your doctor to change medication to stop the anxiety. Many of my clients have had to do this. You don’t have to live with it!!!!


What creates natural anxiety?

Anxiety is a chemically induced feeling that is a result of setting off the part of your brain that is on high alert for danger. So any perceived or real life and death situation will create anxiety. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and make believe. If you just imagine a life threatening situation you will put your body into a chemical shift to help you deal with the dangers.   Your imagined anxiety is created when you project your fears into the future focused on what could happen, what won’t happen, or past traumas. Your incredibly creative mind is what is causing most of your anxiety. Learn how to manage it and you will feel more empowered, calm and in control of your life. 


When you are IN THE NOW, GROUNDED IN YOUR BODY, and LOVE AND ACCEPT ALL OF YOU, there is no anxiety. 


The unknown, uncertainty, powerless, fear of death, pain, feeling unacceptable, perfectionism, shame…trigger you mind to think that you are in danger and then your body creates the chemicals in your body that produce the feelings of anxiety. If you can reduce the chances of you flipping the stress switch ON, then we can reduce the amount of anxiety you produce. So watch the video to learn how to reduce your stress and stop your feelings of anxiety.



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