How to Leave a Legacy of Positive Influence in the World

How to Leave a Legacy of Positive Influence in the World

How to Leave a Legacy of Positive Influence in the World

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are impacting and
influencing people, events, circumstances, etc in the world.
I don’t take for granite my ability to influence others and
outcomes and I don’t think you should either.

We are influencing each other and having an impact on everything around
us with our words, thoughts and actions.
How we show up in the world is energetically broadcast and received by others,
just like a radio tower sends out radio signals and receives them.

As a student of spirituality and humanness, coach and teacher I pay a lot of attention to perception and influence.
I see a vast number of people who are clueless of their influence, power , who are wounded,
thinking they don’t have anything to offer and feeling invisible. You are not invisible or powerless!
Wake up!

What I want to point out to you is that you CAN change and YOU DO MATTER!

Make your life count and leave a legacy of influences that make a difference in make this
world a better place.
We are in this world together, not separate; we are all energetically connected.
Start living it by asking  yourself, “what do I want to influence or inspire in this world?
Peace, love, possibility, community, happy children, creativity, hope, health, healthy planet, new technology…

And remember what you think, say, and do at this moment will influence others and
the world around you from that time on. Are you adding to or depleting your life?

Where to start the shift in your energy towards the positive?
Here are 3 steps you can take to start your legacy of positive energy in the world.

1. Start by positively influencing yourself by making positive choices in your life.
Sounds simple yet can be the hardest step. Surround yourself with people, events, and conversations
that are uplifting and inspire you.
Music, art, comedies, spiritual communities, meditate, nature, teachers, books…
Use your intuition to guide you…

Just as you can influence others, you are responsible for your actions, beliefs and thoughts.
Energy is contagious so your environment is important to supporting your choices.
Get yourself around others who can influence you to grow in a positive direction.

2. Be that which you wish to create in the world.
If you want love, be loving (to yourself first and then to others)
If you want peace, find your peace within and then live it.
If you want a healthy planet, start with your own health.

This evolves in steps, just start where you are at right now.
Ask yourself, “How can I love myself more, at this moment?”

3. Start owning your energy and your influence.
You have power and influence and it is up to you to do something with it.
Your past experiences don’t limit you from making new choices and having a voice,
taking positive actions, connecting with others, or creating possibilities.

Ask yourself, “What belief or reality can I uncreate that is keeping me from acknowledging my power?”

You are doing all of us a disservice staying in this lower energy, instead of showing up so magnificently as YOU!
Shining your light and creating what is wanting to be expressed by you, influences us all to do the same.

We end up empowering each other rather than influencing powerlessness.

The only thing standing between you and your impact in the world, is you.
Don’t waste your time or ours believing any different any longer.

It doesn’t take a lot; it just takes a thought, a shift, and a choice to show up differently.
It requires that you become more conscious of your influential power and let go of the your old negative reality while learning and growing.
We all impact each other all the time.
Please lead & leave a legacy of your positive influence in the world.

To you Magnificent Influence!

Marilyn O’Malley

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