How to ‘Happify’ your Thoughts

How to ‘Happify’ your Thoughts

Language has a lot of influence over your physical and emotional life. Whether or not you are aware of how much drama is in your life, if you struggle with making and having money, believe me, money drama is present. Spoken words and thoughts are energy. Each word and thought vibrates at a certain frequency that resonates out into the world and attracts back to you what you put out. If you are saying a lot of negative things, the universe will return a lot of negativity into your reality because of the energetic attraction it causes. Wants create more wants, gratitude creates more of what you’re grateful for, drama creates more challenges to be dramatic about. 

Observe the language you are using to describe your life/day/moment and the thoughts circulating in your head all day long that are focused on what you don’t want in your life. Do you make statements like “I’m exhausted. I have to work hard to make enough money to survive,” or “I can’t do this, it’s impossible!,” or “I don’t know how,” or “I hate money/my life.” If you want to continue your money drama, then continue to use your current negative language and limiting personal and money thoughts!

But if you want to invite wealth into your life and kick the drama to the curb, clean up your language and inner thoughts as a first step to “happify” your thoughts. Positive and happy thoughts vibrate on a frequency level that attracts more positive and happy things, people and experiences into your life. Like attract likes. 

In this video, Chicago Shaman Patrick John Coleman talks about how you can clean up your language by avoiding negative adjectives and adverbs. By acknowledging things as they are, and seeing them as a lessons, you can focus on more positive language, positive thoughts and up-level your vibrational frequency to invite new opportunities and possibilities into your life.

Kick the drama out of your life for more passion, fun, love, and wealth!
Click here to —> Watch Shaman Patrick’s video to clean up your language:

Need a kick start to get your positive adjectives going?
Positive, amusing, inspiring, loving, happy adjectives:

content pleased cheerful jovial jolly glad thrilled elated gleeful sunny  dear fond passionate affectionate caring heartfelt wholehearted amorous smitten cherished rousing stimulating enthusing shifting motivating    admirable influencing galvanizing inciting provoking nonviolent pacific quiet brilliant
still soothing tranquil relaxing restful placid anticipative yearning longing promising prospective wishful awaiting electrifying exhilarating delightful sensational animating stimulating vitalizing overjoyed
euphoric jubilant thankful obliged gratified please relieved indebted immersing mesmerizing charming
enthralling theatrical  diverted enjoyment recreation pleasure turned On

To you talking about your purpose, desires and opportunities and walking a wealthy journey,


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