How to Change Your Life and Why It feels Hard

How to Change Your Life and Why It feels Hard

How to Change Your Life and Why It Feels Hard Podcast is at the bottom of this page for your listening pleasure or find it on iTunes under Millennials and Money Cafe 

Or you can read below: I thought you’d like the notes on the tapping I take you through.

To start, I’d like you to Think About:

What would you love to have all the time in your life? You can do this by taking a piece of paper and drawing a line down the middle of it. On the top write familiar for one column and unfamiliar for the other. On one the familiar side put what you want to change and on the other side list what you want. See below for examples.

You can PAUSE the video now for 1 min. and make the list and then listen as I will have many more examples you can fill in later.

We are creatures of comfort. We do what comes easy even if it’s not good for us (an addiction) and we want something else because our comfort is in what is familiar.

So what is familiar? It is something that you’ve done many times that now doesn’t feel new, hard or awkward to you. A lot of your familiar characteristics and habits are formed in childhood. So unless you change have applied new practices of ways of being and believing and made them your new familiar you are still living your childhood programming (your home, school, culture, education, political, social economics … environments)

Your self-esteem, wealth issues, social comfort, relationships, well-being…are all a result of your past experiences and influences.

If you are trying to become more successful in any area of your life, accomplish a goal that is out of your familiar comfort zone, you will NOT achieve it unless you choose unfamiliar thoughts/feelings/actions and practice them long enough so they become familiar.

You don’t know what you don’t know!change your life

Making the unfamiliar familiar requires daily choices, awareness, repetition, persistence and commitment.

Example: I stopped eating dairy because it made my psoriasis flare up and it was hard to not eat it when it was everywhere around me…but my vanity was more important than my addiction to dairy and I wanted healthy skin so I would feel good about myself.

Your brain wants what is familiar, it goes with habit or what is easiest unless you give it directions. You do what you know until you learn something new and apply it to living your life.

That is what I am teaching you now and giving you an opportunity to reprogram with the tapping session coming up. I am going to show you the new unfamiliar you might KNOW you can have and become. We each need people in our life who show us what is possible, give us permission in a way to become what feels more true and aligned with our soul-self than the programming we are living that was taught to us at a young age and we live out as being who we are as adults.

It can feel hard to break habits/patterns because they are familiar. The hard part is putting your attention on the good, inspiring, praising, uplifting, successful – unfamiliar focus and take your focus off your old limiting familiar stuff that is holding you back from creating what you want.

EX: Believing in yourself instead of beating yourself up with negative self-talk  such as I don’t matter or I’m never enough.

What would you like to be more familiar with in your life?
Believe in yourself
Feeling Love
Friends that value you for you
Feel safe being you
Having your own successful business
Having a partner that loves and respects you
Feeling vibrant, happy and healthy
Peace and harmony

It’s not arrogant to think you’re the best or good thoughts about yourself-you’re not saying you’re the best in everything.

You’re rewiring your brain to the experience of pleasure, wealth, co0nfidence, well-being and love… that were not familiar to you as a child, so you can create them in your life NOW.

Ask Yourself how can my life get, feel, be better? What would I have to think, feel and do?

Loving and respecting yourself
Believing in yourself deep into your subconscious mind

You have an infinite amount of possibilities. You are not limited by your upbringing. You are more powerful than you can imagine.

infinite possibilities

Your power comes in making choices and keeping your focus on what you want and sticking with them until they become the new familiar in your life. You can work on one or multiples at a time.

Anything you do over and over will become your new familiar, so watch who you hang out with and what they are projecting into your conversations: like
There aren’t any good men/women.
The world sucks.
The world is unsafe.
People are not safe.
Don’t get a big head.
Money is bad…

Familiar                                                                                                                Unfamiliar

Putting yourself down                                                                           Self-praise
Not showing up to do the work                                                           Committing and doing what is necessary
Procrastination                                                                                       Set deadlines and meet them
Not feeling good/perfect/smart enough                                           Recognize my accomplishments
Living unfulfilled life                                                                             Plan and live daily what is meaningful to me
Being self-critical and disappointed in self                                      Recognize my attributes and have compassion for myself
Judgmental to self and others                                                             Stop gossip, judging and comparing!
Not feeling like you matter                                                                  Recognize my contributions, gifts and talents
Putting myself last                                                                                 Put myself first
Fearful of what could happen                                                              Live in the moment and focus on creating
Defensive – Pushing to prevent                                                          Offensive- open to receiving
Depressed                                                                                                Express and live what brings me pleasure
Don’t have enough-poverty mentality                                               I deserve to live a good life and have the things I desire – abundance mindset
Being late                                                                                                 Being on time or early
I’m average, I’m limited, I’m ok, I’m not bad                                  I’m really skilled at_____,
I’m outstanding in my field _______,
I’m excellent at _________.
I’m Unlovable                                                                                         I’m Lovable
Look for what’s wrong                                                                          Look for what’s working
Not feeling safe                                                                                       I am safe, It’s safe to be me,
It’s safe to be in my body, it’s safe to be different
I Feel rejected/abandoned/lonely                                                      I am surrounded by loving people who value me & I value myself
I’m bored                                                                                                  I’m excited and inspired about what is coming into my life
I find the simple pleasures in life daily
Addiction (drama, anger, alcohol/drugs…)                                      I learn how to manage my life and feelings for my well-being
Victim I am empowered                                                                        I am responsible for my life
I feel alone                                                                                                I Connected with others that add to my life and I add to theirs
Feel Unsupported                                                                                   I ask for and receive support
I feel resentful                                                                                          I am grateful, I am appreciated, I appreciate

Powerful transformation is happening inside me and I am receiving the gifts of who I really am into my subconscious mind. I am becoming my best expression of myself.

I have extraordinary drive and ambition to live my life more fully appreciating the simple daily pleasures and my capacity to create. I am unstoppable. I can handle every situation life has to offer. I have all the support I desire to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. I love and accept all of me I am successful and I share my success. I praise myself and others daily. It feels great to honor and respect myself. I am healthy and vibrant. I am living an abundant and rich life. I deserve all of this and more. I can do this! I will do this!

Please pass this on to others you believe will benefit and leave me any comments or questions perfectionism

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