How to Change Your Current Reality

How to Change Your Current Reality


My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. My dad didn’t pay child support and when I did see
him he used money to try and manipulate me. I grew up thinking that I wasn’t worth being supported
and loved just being me, I wasn’t good enough.


My grandfather (major male influence after the divorce) was a very successful business man and chauvinist.
He could have easily taught my mom how to manage and make money but, instead would make her feel
ashamed about her ability to manage money and raise three children on her own.

My grandfather told me when I was in high school, you can’t make a living off of doing what you love (being an artist)
but don’t worry you will marry, raise a family, run a household and be well taken care of financially.
Go to college and find a husband.

What I received from my environment as a child and became true for me was that men manage and control the
money and they have more power and freedom to do what they want than women.
Women have to suffer and sacrifice in order to be successful.  I imagined women who were working as
uninspired, struggling, unsupported and drained while the men were doing what they wanted and making
lots of money to do with as they wanted while being supported by their wives and secretaries.

So, I grew up not wanting to be a weak and disempowered female; I wanted emulate the masculine
and have their power and not be like the women in my family. I wanted to be free and powerful.

My reality of the above programming:


  • I have always been well taken care of by the men I partner with and my general manifesting skills are excellent.
  • I have trouble manifesting lots of money through my business… Who would have guessed!
  • I never thought of  financial security as a priority, that was something my partner would take care of.
  • My thoughts were all on service to my family, friends, community and being needed gave me
    value, so I would give away my time and energy for free.
  • I didn’t relate to the word, SUCCESS, it was what I helped everyone else accomplish…I wasn’t going to sacrifice my relationships or life’s pleasures for financial success (suffering for women).
  • I was unconsciously treating my businesses as hobbies
  • I denied a lot of my feminine energy and replaced it with the doer and I don’t need any help masculine energy.

I would make good money working part time as an entrepreneur and it would be spent on the family
(not saved or invested) and I put in just enough time to not take away anything from the family or my partner.
I didn’t spend any time thinking how I could grow the business to serve more with less time to make more money
until I got divorced and had to support myself. And supporting myself was never in my programming.

All my programming had me seeing my possibilities from other people’s perspectives and not from what
was really possible for myself.  I loved business, I’m smart, gifted and talented, people need what I have to offer and
yet, I didn’t believe I could be really successful and support myself because I was a women and
all the reasons above.

In order to grow I had to grow and envision my own possibilities and change my beliefs
about myself as a female and as a powerful successful entrepreneur.
It is a continuing journey which is growing my financial security, business cliental and skills, self-esteem, leadership and influence.

I wish for you to create consciously what you desire, so here is how to change your current reality.

We Can’t Create Anything That There Isn’t A Reference For In Our Mind.
(your programming in your subconscious mind creates your reality not anything outside you)

I had to change my business programming so I could be successful and financial secure women.
I had to start imagining myself being a successful. What did that look like and feel like?
I had to look at my negative beliefs about being feminine and masculine.
I looked at what is the truth about money. What is the truth about who Marilyn is?

My mind wasn’t going to create any new reality for me until I gave it new information.
I had to decide what I wanted my life to be like. Then
I had to impress those images in my mind daily.

It is important that you understand and take responsibility for knowing that you are the Star, architect,
designer,producer, composer, creator and editor of YOUR LIFE!

Whatever you think consistently and believe is programming your mind with your design blueprints for your new reality.

If you are not thinking and visualizing daily to impress upon your mind how you would like your life to be
easier, wealthier, healthier and more loving,
the mind has no source of information in which to create your new goals from.

If you are not consciously giving your mind instructions, your mind will operate from it’s
current subconscious programming, so your days are live out habitually. This keeps you stuck and bored.
Is that what you desire?

If you manage your mind and start making conscious, in the moment
decisions pointing you in the direction you want, you will then gain new results.

Where does the auto pilot programming come from? They are the influences you received
from you environment when you were 0-9 years old.

Influencers who programmed your beliefs about what is possible for you and your ideas about the
world at a young age would be your parents, culture, religion, teachers, counselors, TV, other media and traumas….
Their beliefs about their life and their world is what is running in your
subconscious mind and creating your current feelings about yourself and your world.

Become aware of what you are unconsciously focusing on now by looking around you and seeing what
your reality looks and feels like. What keeps happening over and over that doesn’t serve you?
What keeps you feeling and thinking you are not good enough? Is there chaos, drama, and
lacking of any kind, like love, money, safety…  All of these are programmed beliefs that aren’t you.
You are believing in the programming you received as a child and so that is the tape that keeps
playing over and over in your subconscious mind, forming your reality.

If you’re interested in changing your circumstances I recommend setting aside daily time to focus on
everything as you would like it and watch how your attention starts to create new experiences and
expressions in your life and business.

You have control and are responsible for changing what isn’t working for you.
You have that power, no one else can do it for you!
Do you now understand why no one else can change your reality for you? Because you have to
program your mind through a daily practice or ritual that only you can do. No one else
knows your souls desires, values and life purpose. Everyone else is operating from their own
childhood conditioning and has no clue as to who you really are.

If you live other peoples dreams and desires you will never be fulfilled, happy or feel empowered and authentically you.

An exercise for you: 

Imagine yourself, now, living the life you desire.
Everything is as you would like it; your love, your work, finances, your relationship with this world,images
with the people around you.
How does it feel?
Keep imagining this experience daily as sacred time and it will evolve taking you deeper into what it is you really want.
See and feel it very clearly in your mind, body and emotions.

Practice this daily connecting to the feelings of wholeness that you are with everyone and the universe.

The more you practice this the more it will bring this feeling toward yourself as a daily reality.
It will raise your consciousness creating a more permanent state of deeper connection to your visualization of reality.
This will change your current reality of how you see yourself and your world into what serves you and the world now.

Please share your comments or experiences as it helps everyone.

To your wholeness and expression,







  1. Thank you for sharing! You helped me to see that I also had been treating my businesses as hobbies and helping others to build their success rather than exerting that same energy into my own business. At one point I believed in other people & their ideas more than my own. That stops today!

    Thank you 🙂

    • Congratulations Christina!
      There is no one like you and the world needs your expression as well as everyone else’s!
      To you living a successful turned ON life!

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