How to be Confident in Your Passions & immediately Turn ON your Life

How to be Confident in Your Passions & immediately Turn ON your Life

Last week we started The Passion Test process.

I know selecting your passions isn’t  an easy job, but do the best you can. You will have information about yourself that will change a lot of things for you.

If you find it really difficult, hire a Passion Test Coach like myself to take you through this important process in person or over Skype.

I  will guide you to complete the process in this newsletter.

Print out the instructions and set some quiet time aside and go for it. It is really revealing and you will start to manifest these opportunities while processing this information.

To briefly recap last weeks steps:

Step 1 Write down 10-15 passions you’d like in your life NOW.

Step 2 Go through the process to determine which of your passions are your top 5 passions and then organize those in order of importance, 1 being the highest, 5 the lowest.

Here is the  LINK to last weeks newsletter for instructions of the process if you missed it.

This week I want you to take each of your top 5 passions and follow these steps: 

I recommend that you do steps 3-7 on one passion at a time. When you’ve completed the first passion move to the next one because the information feeds on each of your answers. You’ll get on a roll imagining and feeling that passion.


Get five pieces of paper and five 3×5 notecards.

Step 3 Write all 5 of your passions on a  note card. Place them in spaces where you will see them throughout the day, are able to focus your attention on them and make choices in favor of them. (I.e. Bathroom mirror, computer, car, wallet…)  Imagine and feel your five passions every day until they come true.

Step 4 On each piece of paper, write one of your top passions at the top with today’s date.

Step 5 Rate each of your passions on a scale of 0-10. Zero means you are not living the passion at all and ten means you’re fully living it.

Step 6 Write out 3-5 markers describing what will need to happen when you are fully living your passion.  You don’t need to know how they will be achieved, you just need to know how you will know you have arrived.

Step 7 Write down on each individual page “WHY” this passion is important to you.    

Don’t skip this part it is really important.

See if there is a pattern with the “whys” when you have finished all five passions.

Here is an example of what a Passion page would look like:


If you are self-motivated to continue with this exercise take the next two steps:

Step 8 For each Passion, how will you achieve those markers? What goals or actions or new habits need to be put into place for you to reach your passion markers? Make 1-3 small changes that are doable and you are willing to commit to doing.

Step 9 Take actions daily toward your goals. Even when you don’t want to! Just Do it! DO IT for YOU because you CAN, you are WORTH it, and you DESERVE it!


The passions you gave the low scores to are the ones you haven’t been giving much attention to. No wonder you’re not living them! Or have you been putting attention on that area of your life but it has been on what you don’t want instead of what you do want?

If you have a high score for any of your passions you can congratulate yourself because you have been living those passions! Notice how much attention you have given the high scoring passions and compare the lack of attention or negative attention you’ve given the lower scores.

Remember: What you put your attention on expands!

If you follow “The Passion Test” process you will have your top 5 passions in the order of importance, plus you’ll know why they are important to you and the steps to take to get you to creating them in your life. You will be on your path to manifesting what you REALLY desire and you’ll know what to pay attention to in order to make it your reality.

To living your turned ON life,


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