How Much Money Do You need to be Successful?

How Much Money Do You need to be Successful?

I want to stir up the pot of your consciousness on the topic of money and ask the question to other healers, coaches, trainers and therapists etc., “How much money do we need to make in our business in order to feel successful and happy?”

In the last couple of years I noticed this leap in entrepreneurial marketing from learning relationship sales to marketing to make six or seven figures.  At first I thought, “Sure, I want to know how to make that much money.” And then I started feeling like entrepreneurial success was changing focus to the amount of money I made instead of what I and my company accomplished. As I subscribed to trying more money structures I found myself even more frustrated because what they were prescribing didn’t feel aligned with how I wanted to work and be valued. Yes, I want to make money, and I want to get paid what I’m worth, not selling myself short. But I want to do it in an ethical, respectful way, based on experience, knowledge and expertise. And I don’t want my focus of the whole business to revolve around numbers. Accomplishments are not only based on the income I make.


Marketing Plans call for unrealistically high price structures

What disturbed me was seeing first time coaches and newbie entrepreneurs with little wisdom and small track records asking $10,000+ for a year of coaching or $5000 for a ½ day via strategic marketing. We are being taught to make money off each other by marketing to our fears and insecurities around money. It bothers me that people believe the cost of something determines positive results. While it is true that someone with greater expertise and experience, training and intuition should be paid accordingly, asking for more money just because a marketing campaign requires it does not equal quality and results, “You get what you pay for!” is a motto that’s not always the true, unless it is a proven brand and has stood the test of time. In many cases you’re paying for the marketing team (the packaging), the experience (which you could manifest yourself), rather than purely for the knowledge (sometimes limited if they are new to the profession) and guidance.
The problem with the business models based on marketing is that it not only dilutes the quality of services. It also doesn’t start at the base of your own money vows. Be responsible and know that learning to make more money without reprogramming your limiting childhood money mindset and beliefs is not sustainable.

Your purpose is to express who you truly are and doing that will bring many rewards.


What is Your Purpose?

In learning what you are here to express, you need to learn what you value and what you’re passionate about. You need to reprogram old beliefs and vows that are keeping you from courageously moving forward and ask and receive what is important to you. Money is a tool for you to help you express yourself in the world. Money doesn’t have anything to do with who you are or if you are worthy to have what you desire. You are good enough to receive what you desire because you were born good enough.

Examine your focus in your profession and calling. Where is your emphasis?  Is it on money instead of living your passions and purpose? I’d like you to think about what is important to you and get clear about money in your life so you can detangle the two.  I feel like Millennials are holding the new focus of a meaningful life over a sacrificed life.  When you’re focused on money, your attention goes to how much you are not making and this is bringing down your life force energy, lowering your confidence and your natural charisma in your service.

When you focus on creating a meaningful service and life it will be wealthy in many ways, not just through money.

A 2010 Princeton study by Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton found that at the national level making more than $75,000 per year won’t significantly improve your day-to-day happiness.


Money is not Everything

Having money to create your needs and desires, feel safe and supported, and bring excitement into your life is important for everyone. Feeling pressured to keep up with the Jones’s to feel successful and happy will only add to your already negative money and self-esteem programming and not be sustainable or joy-filled.

(For some fun entertainment that will pose interesting questions and is sure to make you contemplate certain life choices and messages plan a Friday night movie night with “The Joneses” Watch the trailer for the 2009 Comedy with Demi Moore and David Duchovny HERE.)

When it comes to feeling happy and successful you don’t have to have 6-7 figures to live a wealthy, successful and happy life. You have to learn to manage your money well and create a healthy and wealthy mindset. According to Thomas J. Stanly author of “The Millionaire Next Door,” you can make $65,000 a year and become a millionaire.

(You can get a free download of the book HERE.)

I believe you have to live your own life from your own values and passions. Some people may need to make seven figures to prove something to themselves from a past life karma or raise billions, like Bill Gates, to start a foundation to change education and health around the world. Each of us has our own healings, karma and aspirations to fulfill with infinite possibilities for manifesting them.

There is no collective consciousness we have to align with in order to be worthy of success or happiness.

It is important that you are true to your callings and not follow the crowd and let them define what success is for you. Happiness is an inside job, no one can make you happy but YOU.

I love money and all the experiences it has availed to me, but it is the attention I put on my experiences, feelings, love, children, family, friends, passions, service, adventure, and business that has manifested my wealthy life, regardless of how much money I make a year.

Success in Family

Success in Family

It’s not my personality to manage a large team and have hundreds or thousands of people to teach. I am a very intimate 1-on-1 or small group coach. I’m available to my clients because I know shit happens in between sessions. My clients are committed to transformation and therefore demand a lot of personal attention and trust me to be there for them. I couldn’t provide that kind of service with big groups. I guarantee my clients transformation with intimate support.  I could charge a lot more than I do to make a lot more money, but I don’t because I follow my intuition. I’m very independent, sensitive and creative so I like my space and freedom. Being true to mySelf allows me to be the grounding sage and model for the leaders I work with.

Live your passions Now! (My recent trip to Bhutan)

Live your passions Now! (My recent trip to Bhutan)

I don’t depend on six or seven figures to create the life I desire and deserve. I live my happy, successful and wealthy lifestyle now. I am mastering manifesting my blessings, gifts, friends, business, connections, money, scrumptious food, transformational adventures, magical experiences, and beautiful and nurturing home environments through my own transformations. I believe I am supported in a variety of ways, so I can live my purpose.

When I take full responsibility for living on purpose and am in a wealthy life mindset and know that I am the creators of my reality, I trust my connection to the divine energy to help co-create what I truly desire. I see Source as a life bank, a flow of give and receive, filled with currency of all kinds. Whatever I truly desire shows up for me in a variety of ways with a lot of surprises. The more love, money, peace, happiness, and experiences I receive, the more I have to give back.

(Read “Empower Yourself by Managing Your Energy” to gain more control of creating what you desire.)

Think about “non-profit organizations.” The owners are making a difference in humanity and are being supported in their cause through donations. Mother Teresa didn’t make 6-7 figures and I believe she would have said she was successful and happy because she was living her calling her passion, loving, caring, and letting people know they mattered. (The biopic “The Letters” was just released on December 4th in the US if you want to learn more about her story.) She wasn’t concerned for money other than to help her serve more with the support of the communities she worked in. She KNEW she was SUPPORTED. In following her calling she asked for what she needed and desired and it was provided.


Create your Happiness 2016

Success and happiness is more than the amount of money you make. Success is accomplishing what you set out to do, be or have, like raising healthy children, saving lives as a doctor or making a specific income as an entrepreneur. Your idea of what it means to be successful will grow and transform as you do. It is not a fixed reality. Feeling successful usually includes feeling fulfilled, connected to yourself and others, vulnerable and passionate.

Success and happiness are an individual perception relating to what you value as most important to you in each moment.

What I’ve learned:

Be your own person, make your own rules and create the life you desire! You are meant to stand out not blend in. Trying to be like someone else creates unnecessary challenges and keeps you from waking up and remembering who you are.
Be true to yourself and you will create success and happiness no matter how much money you create. Money is a tool to help you express yourSelf. Add up all your experiences, environments, opportunities and money and see what the value is to you. If you’re not where you want to be, go for more of all you desire and need!

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

So what is success to you? Think Whole Life (Use the WHEEL OF LIFE to guide you in the Whole Life Approach) Download Wheel of Life

What would make 2016 a huge success for you?

Write it all down.



Here are some questions to ask yourself to guide you in making your own success plan for 2016

  • How do you want to feel about yourself, your relationships or service?
  • Are you happy?
  • What thoughts and feelings are keeping you from being happy?
  • What will you let go of and believe instead in order to up-level your happiness?
  • What are your top five passions you’d like to accomplish in 2016? Take the PASSION TEST  Download Passion Test Here or sign up for a session with me to help you determine your Top Five Passions.
  • How much money would you need a month/ year to thrive and meet your needs and desires?
  • What transformations are you looking to make in your health, wealth, relationships and business?
  • What experiences would you like to have this coming year?
  • What do you want/need/desire more of?
  • What kind of people do you want in your life?


  1. Dear Marilyn thank you so much for this truly inspiring post. I am so greatful and happy that there is someone like you out there who is very passionate about what she does and has so much experience and wisdom. So much so as to allow everybody who is committed to experience personal growth and fulfillment to afford working with you on an individual basis. Looking forward to being able to work together. Love and peace

  2. Simply loved this post!

    I too, am deeply concerned by the broad net focus that continues to suggest that one’s true merit and success as a service based business owner or coach is founded in whether or not one crosses the 6 or now… 7 figure mark. I’m deafened by the constant call to hold oneself to that as a primary benchmark of success.

    I’m equally concerned to see the blanketing of copy-cat formulas being promoted by so many marketing gurus and celeb coaches that encourage their new coaches or business consultants to raise their prices to thousands of dollars for half day programs – or their packaged offerings – basically as a way to create a perceived cloak of expertise or to ‘claim their value’ when quite often those coaches have not yet had the time or experience to garner that level of expertise and/or matching level high-value. Of course, each person must check-in with their own baramoter of integrity – but that can be confusing when mentors are touting this practice as “the way to success.” I feel this practice has potentiality to damage the credibility of our industry. I’ve been coaching, as you have Marilyn, for over 10 years and I see it as a part of our mavenly responsibility to call our fellow coaches (new and seasoned) to take a look at these practices and reevaluate not only our own practices and mindsets but to consider the collective good of our industry and how we wish to see it moving forward . Thanks so much for bringing light to this impirtant and needed conversation.

    • Well said Kathleen! Thank you for sharing.
      I’ve had conversations with 30+ year old entrepreneurs and CEO’s who have told me that the term “coaching” has no value to them because they are meeting 25 -30 year olds who call themselves a life style/success/business coach” with little time coaching asking huge fees. They have a good story about themselves overcoming a challenge, but little track record of helping others transform their lives permanently over and over.


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