How “Good” Will You Allow Your Life To BE?

How “Good” Will You Allow Your Life To BE?

I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago, because I’ve allowed myself to have a good life.

What about you, do you want a really good life?

In order to create my good life, I had to change.

When I decided to create a really good life, I was living a fear driven life.  I didn’t feel supported, good enough, or perfect enough to matter even though I had family and friends who loved me.

I buried my feminine (except in the bedroom) because the masculine felt more empowering.

My sensitivity made me feel weak.

These are just some of the feelings, beliefs and thoughts I had to overcome to change my life. I have since come to see myself as a brilliant, juicy mess! My life is so much happier and healthier (mind/body/spirit) because, I changed those old limiting energies into new more expansive and loving ones.

I’m sharing all this with you in hopes that you may recognize some of your limiting thoughts or beliefs and now KNOW you too CAN CHANGE.

Friends and family would have never known I was feeling these things. They saw a strong women who could do anything she put her mind to.

Honestly, I wasn’t conscious of what I was feeling…I was the hamster on the wheel of life, doing what I had to do and being who I thought everyone wanted me to be.

I see you!  You’re strong professional women who are building your lives around your fears rather than your love, purpose and passions. Know that YOU MATTER and YOU ARE LOVE!

Here is the thing, to change your life you need to SHIFT your ENERGY to bring NEW OPPORTUNITIES, PEOPLE, EVENTS AND POSSIBILITIES. This requires you to positively change how you think, feel and act everyday. You co-create with the Universe. You have the power to positively change your life.

This video explains more and takes you through a visualization that helps you feel and
experience yourself at a higher vibration frequency.

To know what level of your energy you are currently operating in,
look around you and see what your life looks and feels like.

What you are experiencing at any moment, is what you are attacking into your life. What are the beliefs and expectations you have about yourself and your business. Can you be successful without being perfect or having to burn out? What are your personal and professional relationship like? What do they reflect back to you about you? Do you unconditionally love yourself? Can you receive love, compliments, gifts, abundance and support…? How good will you allow your life to be?

What do I mean by energy frequency?

Your daily thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions create your energy frequency.
Like a radio tower you are broadcasting your energy out into the Universal Energy Field ( Source, God…).

Your energy attracts energy from the field and comes back to you in the form of events, people, and opportunities. We experience the life we expect (beliefs) to see. To change your life you have to change the way you currently expect your life to turn out. Raising your thoughts, beliefs and feelings will up-level your energy frequency.

I’d love to hear your comments about how your felt after the visualization. Also, is there anything you don’t understand because this is a lot to wrap your mind around?.

If you find this valuable please share, sharing is caring!
I need you to help reaching as many brilliant, juicy messes around the world as possible.

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