Highly Sensitive Grounding Tools To Stop Your Anxiety and Fear

Highly Sensitive Grounding Tools To Stop Your Anxiety and Fear
Today I’m sharing highly sensitive grounding tools to stop anxiety and fear you may be experiencing with all the wild things happening in the world and Universe right now. Grounding is an essential and profound tool to help you cope and manage your life as a highly sensitive person. This practice will calm your stressed brain and body, leaving you feeling centered, connected and peaceful.
Growing up sensitive can make it uncomfortable to feel everything around us, so we learn at a young age to go up in our heads and out of our bodies to not feel so much. Although it feels more comfortable to feel so much, it doesn’t serve us after childhood with coping and managing our lives. Grounding is a very foundational and empowering tool to start managing and feeling our lives.
 Grounding is “connecting” your energy to
Mother Earth and to your higher self.
Children and adults become ungrounded when feeling afraid, anxious, overwhelmed, or traumatized. You contract your energy to feel safe and to not feel what you don’t want to experience. When you are ungrounded, it feels like you’re a leaf being blown by the stormy winds of emotions and energy in your environment. You’re all over the place.
If you’re not grounded you can feel:
  •  unattractive, drained
  • anxious, depressed, fearful
  • clumsy, unfocused, flighty, spacey…
  • unstable, unsupported, disconnected, dizzy, not like yourself, weak…
  • unseen and unheard-invisible
As a highly sensitive and coach, I want you to know that you are safer and more empowered being grounded and feeling your energy than blending in or trying to disappear. Becoming grounded won’t allow you to become a victim.
Grounding to the earth gives you a place to offload the energy that you’ve take on during the day
or while you’ve slept.

Ways to Ground Your Energy
  • meditation; being in the present moment
  • visualization; imagine a grounding cord from your hips into the earth
  • movement, dance, stomp, swim, skip, yoga, workouts…
  • focused attention; I am grounded to mother earth, NOW
  • physically put your feet/hands in the dirt walking, garden, swim, hug a tree,
  • eat raw food from a garden
  • play with animals
  • lay on the ground for 20-60 minutes with as much skin touching the earth
  • tapping
  • breathing; take 3-5  full belly breaths 


Use this tapping video to ground yourself

Please leave me comments if you have any questions and let me know how these tools helped.

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