Discover Your Truth with Higher Dimensional Living

Discover Your Truth with Higher Dimensional Living


Is it your time to get to know yourself and shed the illusions that limit you? In this video Renee Furbush interviews me about my awakenings and my work as an Ascension Guide. Watch and I explain why Sensitive’s need to break free from their old programming and align with harmony and balance in my Higher Dimensional Living Course.

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The Eight Challenges of Sensitives and Starseeds

See if you relate to any of these challenges that Sensitives and Starseeds experience:

  • Since childhood, you’ve had a feeling that you have a BIG “mission.” You may have no idea what that is but it comes from deep inside you. If you’re not living your mission you may feel depressed, unfulfilled, and that you are not doing enough… even when you are doing a lot!
  • You’re very empathic. You pick up on other people’s emotions and take them on as your own. If you don’t know about empathy you may think all these emotions are all yours. This can make you feel crazy, out of control, confused, and sick. You may want to hide because you feel better when you’re alone.
  • You may not feel at home in your body and/or on Earth most of the time. You leave your body (dissociate) or shut down and space out. You start to think a lot about your feelings rather than feel them.
  • The world around you can feel heavy and painful both emotionally and physically. You find yourself avoiding new experiences, limiting contact with others, and potentially thinking about leaving the planet.
  • You feel out of alignment, out of balance, misunderstood, and disconnected from others. You can’t relate to those around you, and you feel like the black sheep of the family.
  • You may feel out of control because you feel obligated to help others without any care for yourself. You can feel depleted, sick, unfulfilled, depressed, anxious, and powerless.
  • As a child you got messages like “you’re not enough,” “you don’t fit in,” “you’re too sensitive,” “get over it,” “toughen up,” “you’re too much,” “too emotional or needy,” or “I can’t/won’t give you what you want.”
  • You grew up with a narcissistic parent or guardian that you could never please. You became a perfectionist to try and gain their love and/or attention and you now feel pressure to be perfect in other places in your life.

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