Hidden Money Vows Keeping You Stuck

Hidden Money Vows Keeping You Stuck

When you think about money, does it create feelings of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, anger, frustration, sadness and your not “good enough”?

Do you feel you can’t make more money or have more luxuries than your parents or family?

Do you reject prosperity in your life for relationships, love or spirituality?

Do you believe you can only have x amount of money, success and pleasure?

Do you self-sabotage your heath, relationships or sacrifice some other area of your life in order to balance  the emotions of having abundance in your life.  

Do you feel like you can’t have it all?

But You Can!

I am so excited to share my understanding of money vows and how uncovering them can change your ability to accumulate more wealth in your life.  I have been devouring Margaret Lynch’s work (Tapping For Wealth & 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation) with money and the chakras. Why? Because I got a big “AH-HA” when she described the hidden vows we made as children that are related to our present money challenges.
Margaret credits her husband, Rhys Thomas’s work as an energy teacher with the hidden vow information  and he is the co-author of 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation.

I have been working with my clients and myself on unconscious beliefs, habits and patterns around money, but I didn’t know that there were deeper energetic vows. So no matter how hard you’ve worked at transforming your beliefs about money, you’re not going to completely shift the core prosperity paradigm unless you expose and transform the hidden vows. Until you clear these limiting vows they will keep influencing your current life choices.

As I uncover my vows, I feel freed from shame, guilt and frustratingly stuck energy. My positive perception of myself is expanding in all areas.  I feel more ease communicating my life purpose. I’m being seen and heard and manifesting quickly and I want the same for you. So let’s begin.

What is a Vow?
According to Rhys Thomas, vows are developed in childhood as a reaction to life trauma or a perceived life trauma or any time a child does not get the love and safety they need.  When it is not safe or just impossible to communicate who you are in a way that you will be seen and heard, loved and received, a vow is created. You create automatic behaviors that block your natural flow of energy and life purpose.

A vow can impact your life much more than the actual traumas you’ve experienced, because the vow remains unquestioned and powerfully operating in the background of your mind. If the vow stays unconscious, there is no real free will around choosing who we are each moment.

  • I vow to not be or express who I truly AM.
  • I vow to be or do something other than who I AM to survive.

How is a vow different from a belief?
It is a super belief that is supported by an incredible amount of energy and will power. They are blind spots in our unconscious mind and self development.

How to deal with the vows?
Bringing the vows out into the light gives you a chance to see how you have used your energy and your will throughout your life to create and manifest from this vow. There are a variety of energy tools and actions you can use to transform the vows once they are identified and conscious, such as tapping. It depends on what works best for you. (call or e-mail me for guidance on tapping or to set up a discovery session to figure out what works best for you to overcome childhood vows.)

Results of releasing your vows.
Worthiness! Freedom! Wealth! Safety! Love! Infinite Possibilities! Joy! Pleasure!
With consciousness you can release the vow and come back to yourself and your life purpose. You are free to make choices from your truth at this moment.

rootchakra1First chakra is related to your Earth, physical identity, and to self preservation.  It represents everything solid in your life. It represents the beliefs you have about your body, family and community and what brings your body safety and security. This chakra deals with your family of origin; the family you were raised in.

“At this 1st chakra level, we manifest at the material level our vision, beliefs, relationships, work and life purpose. When it is open it becomes a magnet, drawing to you life matter in the form of good health and prosperity. Its job is to teach you to see the solid matter and the people in front of you right now are an essential part of your life purpose and should not be avoided and negated as unimportant.”
~ Rhys Thomas, 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

If this chakra is blocked you can’t create the prosperity you are desiring. A healthy chakra is the foundation for drawing money, good health, and prosperity into your life. This is were you feel the world and let it in.

Important Note: All the upper chakras (5th-7th) are slaves to the vows and the wounds of the lower chakras! That is why it is important to transform the vows of the lower chakras (1st-4th). Your upper chakras are your mouthpiece for the lower chakras. So, your vows and wounds of the 1st chakra influence all the other chakras above it.

1st Chakra Vows
Family is always first.
You have a vow to speak and live the truth of your family or to reject it.
In the first chakra you have a vow that says this is the way I am going to be, like my tribe.

I vow to always support my tribe. To keep the secrets, to speak the laws, to always have my family traditions come first. These vows include “people like us” or ” our family”….statements.
All the women in our family______. The men in our family don’t________.

Or you vow to reject everything about your family. “I will never be poor, as strict, or unloving as my mother/father.”  This is still living your life according to your tribe because you can’t just be YOU, YOU have to not be THEM.

I will never let anyone hurt me again! Do you feel safe?
I will be strong and quiet, so not to be a burden!  Do you feel loved, empowered, get your needs met?
I will be what my family expects me to be, not who I really am!
I will never let them see me ___________! Do you get to be the real you?

Exercise: Please Journal your answers.
Think about yourself as a young child as far back as you can and remember what were your family feelings around money then?
Was there anger, resentment, jealousy, unfairness, grief, shame, guilt….?
What did your family say and feel about wealthy people?

Did your parents work really hard and not get compensated for it?
How do you feel about that?
Did you have enough money, but never more?
Did your family aspire for more or settle what they got?

What did you feel about your parents growing up?
Were there different rules and opportunities between the sexes/siblings?
How did your parents treat each other?
What did you vow about the kind of relationships you would have to your wife/husband?
What vows did you make to be like a parent or choose to not be like them?

root-chakra-catherine-g-mcelroyYour life purpose is to surpass your family. Each genergation is designed to evolve into higher consciousnes. Everything about your life is there to elicit your growth towards living your life purpose. A lot of times our feelings growing up brought us pain around money and when we think about money it brings back up the pain and power struggle. So we vow to reject money, get rid of it because of the pain associated with it.

So as you can see there is a lot of juicy information ourselves in these vows that are keeping us stuck in our current life.  Unveiling these hidden vows and transforming their energetic impact you can correct the direction of your life and create more prosperity and freedom in your life.

The holidays are a perfect time for all our money issues to come out, so pay attention and your will find your hidden money vows.

Next week, I will be sharing 2nd Chakra and its vows.
Please share you comments or questions.

To your prosperous and joy filled life!
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