Healthy Boundaries for Highly Sensitives & Empaths

Healthy Boundaries for Highly Sensitives & Empaths

If you’ve been stuffing your feelings and needs sense childhood, you have a fear of being left and alone since childhood, you’re the emotional support of your family, you feel responsible for everything and everyone around, you’re in a codependent relationship, you attract narcissistic partners or had them as parents, you were expected to parent your parent or siblings as a child…this video + blog is for you.

The purpose of this blog is to shine the light on an area of your life that may be operating unconsciously through a habit of taking care of others before yourself. You created this persona of yourself as a child in order to make yourself feel safe and get your needs met, but it holds you back as an adult keeping you small, feeling unworthy or not good enough and undermines you living your purpose and passions.

Healthy boundaries are necessary for your own healing and for you to live your life authentically. Co-dependency is unstable and doesn’t work even if it feels safe and comfortable to you at the moment.
Feeling comfortable is not always in your best interest. Knowing your worthiness, being safe and healthy is critical to your creative powers and self expression.

Briefly, because the video below with explain how to have healthy boundaries and why learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is so important to our own healing.  As a child empath and sensitive you learned to put other people first in order to “not feel” their pain and suffering and be accepted into the family. You felt better if they felt better. Simple. As you found benefit in solving your family and friends problems this became a habit in your behavior. You learned to put everyone else first, stuffed your needs and feelings and latter resent what they’ve taken from you. But the reality is you’ve given your time, energy and soul away to them.  And today you feel like there is no time and space for your feelings, thoughts, and authentic self expression. You’ve made your feelings of worthiness and safety dependent on how others perceive you and how much you take care of others and are needed by them.

There is a healthier and more empowering solution than self sacrifice and you’ll learn it in the video below. Feel free to ask me questions and leave comments below.

You’ll be amazed at how much creative energy comes back to you when you embody this new way of being.


Inner work, self inquiry:

What triggers me about what others are feeling? Sadness, anger, depression, fear, anxiety…. Why?

How can I love myself more?

Did this person ask me for help before I gave it to them? How does it feel to hold off giving advice or solving a problem for someone until being asked? Where is the discomfort in that? Is it about them or me?

What would I create if my energy weren’t always focused on others?

What are my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about feeling uncomfortable?

What are my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about uncertainty ?

What are my feelings, thoughts and beliefs about having to be responsible for others first and putting myself last?

Are your feelings yours or someone else’s? Are these learned feelings from your family, culture, religion…?

Challenge your beliefs…Is this belief mine or learned? Find your own authentic way of experiencing your world.


How to create healthy boundaries as a HSP and Empath

  1. Become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. You’re going to learn a lot about yourself and how strong and powerful you really are!
  2. Take responsibility for your time, energy, needs, desires and well-being.
  3. Don’t solve other people’s problems unless they ask you to help them. Resolve co-dependent relationships.
  4. Deal with what triggers you and has you feeling discomfort. Solve your own issues and challenges; do your inner work.
  5. Feel your feelings and learn from them.
  6. Stay on your own life path, don’t let other people distract you. You are worth it and the world needs you NOW.
  7. Get clear on what you have learned and been conditioned to do/be/have and discover the truth of who you really are.
  8. Become comfortable with uncertainty, change is the only certainty.
  9. Grow your compassion for yourself as a dynamic Being in process who is whole, resourceful and creative!




  1. This video was beyond helpful for me and pretty much described my life up until this point 🙂 I’m curious because I feel like the main emotion I consistently feel is anxiety and I think it’s coming from a deep distrust in myself and my own feelings (what you said in the video really resonated with me). Do you have any guidance / tips for learning to trust yourself and your own feelings again? Or reducing the anxiety I feel now that I’m shifting away from old patterns. Any tips you have would be so appreciated! Thank you for this video 🙏🏻

    • Caitlin, why don’t you have a complimentary discovery session with me so I can be specific for your situation.
      Here are two videos to help in the meantime.

      4 Steps to Free Yourself From Anxiety Attacks, Highly Sensitive People

      How to Lower Your Stress of Perfectionism, Highly Sensitive People

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