Grounding is Essential for Highly Sensitives

Grounding is Essential for Highly Sensitives



Grounding yourself is key to being highly effective in your life and business and for manifesting a healthy and meaningful life. It is an essential tool for the health of your mind and body as a highly sensitive that is often overlooked.



The Earth, you see, is an electrical planet, and you are a bioelectrical being. Your body functions electrically. Your heart and nervous system are prime examples.

Emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion, compliments of Mother Earth. Think of it as “vitamin G” – G for ground. Just as the sun above creates vitamin D in your body, the ground below provides you with vitamin G, a kind of “electrical nutrition.”

This energy infusion is powerful stuff. It can restore and stabilize the bioelectrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve your sleep and feeling of calmness. When these things happen, you feel better in a big way.

~ By Stephen T. Sinatra co-authored − Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

To be grounded means that you are “in” your body and connected energetically to the earth.

Problems associated with being ungrounded:

  • Foot, ankle, leg problems
  • Feelings and manifestation of Lack…money, support, safety, connection to others, confidence…
  • Clumsy, not aware of physical environments
  • Trouble communicating feelings and who you are
  • Adrenal problems from so much fight or flight stress reactions
  • Weight issues (holding weight to feel safe, unconscious eating, eating to stuff feelings…
  • Avoidance issues (scatterbrain, airhead..)
  • Avoidance of past family issues—need to feel to heal
  • Addictions
  • Highly sensitive to chemicals, electromagnetic, food, cosmic and planetary rays…

Benefits of being grounded:

  • you can expand your energy more
  • you won’t be affected by other people’s energy as much
  • you feel more stable, present and focused
  • allows others to feel you more substantially, leading them to trust and feel connected to you
  • allows you to tap into the energy of the earth
  • you can release waste that has collected in your energetic systems throughout your day or over your lifetime
  • makes your life easier because you are in your body and available to feel your feelings and experience what is around you
  • you make better decisions and reveal possibilities that you can’t conceive of when you are out of your body
  • cuts down on your stress making you more able to cope with everyday challenges and even limit them
  • calms your nervous system and creates more peace within

Being grounded expands your energy and personal power.

How to ground your energy:

  • be in nature, barefooted, lay on sand or grass or 20 minutes or more, garden, hug a tree or sit beneath it…
  • move your body, exercise, swim, hike, bike, run, dance, play a sport
  • listen to sound meditations for chakras
  • feel your feelings, be vulnerable
  • use guided visualization or your own;  Example: imagine roots growing deep into the center of the earth from your hips and the bottoms of your feet connecting to Mother Earth and her energy flowing back up your legs nourishing you and clearing what you’re ready to release
  • drop your attention to your lower chakras and feel into the energy there
  • breathe deeply into your belly
  • conscious sex
  • hula hooping or hula dancing….
  • and play with animals or children…

There are many ways to ground, find some that work for you and apply them daily as needed.


Please share comments regarding your experiences of being ungrounded and grounded.


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