Find Steady Ground and Your Center in this Shaky World

Find Steady Ground and Your Center in this Shaky World

As a Highly Sensitive and empath, it is important for you to find STEADY GROUND and YOUR CENTER as much as you can during these intense and transformative times. Taking on or feeling other people’s fears and anxiety will only drain you and distract you from managing your life and business. Finding your own ground and center will help others find theirs.

As you ground and center yourself regularly, you will start to experience its benefits of calm, balance and flow in the mists of chaos. From this centered and grounded personality change becomes a gift rather than a challenge to suffer through.

What does it mean to Ground and to be Centered?

Feeling grounded feels like you are literally connected to the earth energetically. You feel a sense of support, vitality, and calm from your connection. You also can ground up and into your Higher Self and Source/God/Quantum Field/ALL to feel even more connected.

Being centered means you feel centered in your Being, you’re aware that you exist in the world with your needs, desires, and feelings. You feel in control of how you react to the world around you, even though you can’t control what is going in that world. You can make decisions and choices that are healthy and not out of fear because being centered allows you to be the observer, rather than absorb everything around you as if it is happening to you. You are the center of your world, taking responsibility for creating it through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You have to be grounded and centered to create the life you desire and not let yourself be overwhelmed and diminished by the crazy world that you are currently experiencing. The difference is feeling like a flexible tree deeply rooted and strong versus feeling like a leaf in a hurricane.

When you are grounded and centered you feel resourceful, whole and creative.


Where to find Steady Ground and Your Center:

  • meditation
  • a few minutes of quiet time dropping down into your heart
  • nature
  • peaceful, nurturing and beautiful places
  • healthy relationships
  • pets
  • grounding fresh organic foods
  • move your body
  • clear your energy field frequently
  • in water (shower, swim, soak in a tub, drink lots of it)
  • sound healing
  • breathe work (belly breathing slowly…)
  • visual a ground cord attached to your hips and hooks into the middle of the Earth’s iron core
  • feel your feelings and let them move through you
  • follow new inspirations and novelty
  • wear emf radiation protection and put it on your phone
  • connect from your heart up through your head to your higher self and Source
  • body work

How often should I practice grounding and centering?

Everyday, multiple times a day. If you are not deeply rooted and flexible, you can get knocked off your center and ungrounded often throughout your day. With nurturing and attention your roots and capacity to hold your center will grow. Our life is a journey and as we grow so do our challenges and gifts!

Healthy Boundaries:

You’ll want to remove yourself from stressful situations or relationships. Stop engaging with negative news, tweets, FB, disturbing and violent shows or games, and political discussions that creates an energetic imbalance. Instead focus on creating peace, compassion, and love within yourself, which will bring up the crap that has been keeping you from being your best, so you can change. When you are at peace, compassionate and loving yourself, then you can start to create a world that is the same.


When you are at peace, compassionate and loving then you can start to envision a world that is the same.
When you hold and feel that vision in your mind, you are creating it!


There are intense emotions flying around as a result of the deep transformation and chaos we are experiencing. Whether you practice self care or not, you will periodically lose touch with your center and run out of energy, patience, grounding, and courage. I have never had to be so diligent at self-care and grounding as I am today.  As your own transformation opens your ability to love more than you’ve ever felt before, at the same time you’ll feel the pain and fear around you. Staying CENTERED AND GROUNDED will allow you to process with what you are experiencing as the observer instead of taking it on as your own truth and be swept off your feet by it.

So, this means that the challenges for maintaining your center and ground are frequent. Just as our collective conscious field changes, so does your personal energy field. You’ll want to keep rediscovering where your center is by trying new things and allowing a new you to unfold.  This can look like learning a new talent, following a long forgotten passion, and creating new relationships.

Change is happening so it benefits you to be centered, grounded, flexible and inspired to try new things.


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