Exercise to Discover Your Disempowering Vows

Exercise to Discover Your Disempowering Vows
 I am currently in the 4th week of my Healthy & Wealthy Training.  The group is working on everything surrounding the 2nd chakra, which focuses on your feelings, senses and emotions. According to intuitive healer Cyndi Dale, “a chakra is nothing more or less than a wheel of light revolving in and through our energy system” and theosophical teacher C.W. Leadbeater defines them as “force centers…points of connection at which energy flows from one body to another.”

The 2nd chakra is extremely important and powerful, because it is where your self-image forms, where you let the world in and where your power to fulfill all your desires is centered. It is the center of feelings enjoyment and sensuality. The 2nd chakra is the chakra many people struggle with, where you judge yourself, where you deny yourself anything beyond the basic mental, physical and spiritual needs.


The challenge of self-image is influenced by our conditioned society, because often, feelings are not valued. Emotional reactions may be frowned upon because we are supposed to be in control of our emotions. In the desire to be liked and accepted and fulfill society’s need to not ‘lose control’ we disconnect from our bodies and feelings. No wonder we deny ourselves our pleasures, because we disconnect access to our pleasure center. The 2nd chakra is also the hub of creativity and passion. It is located in your pelvis and lumbar. If your 2nd chakra is open and connected you are passionate and present in your body, you are sensual, creative and connected to your feelings.


But if you deny any of the 2nd Chakra power center qualities and made a vow (a deeply hidden belief usually made in your childhood that influences your choices, actions and results today) then you lack passion, creativity, self-esteem and don’t live a turned-on life!

I shared this exercise with my Healthy & Wealthy Training group yesterday and know you’d find this exercise revealing and helpful. If you have any questions about the exercise or need additional guidance, as always, contact me per e-mail or phone and I’m happy to help.

Read the 1st column and rate each of them on a scale of 1-10 (10 you’re living it, 1 you are not living it.)

The 2nd column shows you the likely results of not being you (shadow).

An example for this exercise would look like this using number 1.

If you feel your deepest needs and allow yourself to feel your pain and process it,
you would put a 10 next to it.

If you made a vow to not feel you deepest needs and tend to others instead
your score would be a 1
A low number will show you where you have made vows to not be some aspect of yourself (dimmed your light, brilliance& beauty) and disown a part of yourself.
​Seeing where you are unconsciously holding yourself back will be your guide posts for your growth and where you are meant to shine your light even more.

The healthy results of owning your                        These limit us from being in our
2nd chakra                                                                        light, our personal power                      
Feel my deepest needs, I know                                 Feels and acts needy or excessive

how I hurt and how to tend to it.

To be vulnerable. Let                                                   Feels and acts shattered or broken
people feel and experience
my vulnerability.

Feel deserving to ask and receive                              Feels and acts entitled and selfish

what I need and desire.

Be in my power; to own my                                         Uses manipulation, rape,

power to be me free, money,                                       aggression, & takes without
sexuality….                                                                      asking to get what they desire.

Embrace my sensual feelings,                                     Uses addictions as pleasure
have pleasures and desirable

Be Playful, silly, and have fun.                                    Feels irresponsible if playing or
having fun

Feel passionate desires, let myself                             Passions denied creates rage,
feel the passion in my body, and                                murder, and hate when something
express them.                                                                 doesn’t work out.

Embody my pure sexual desires                                 Rape or use sex as manipulation
and pleasures. This is my life force

Be in the present moment.                                           Feels it’s never enough, wants
time slows down and I allow                                        more- time, money, love…
myself to experience what is

Experience my one to one                                            Losing yourself or obsession
relationships deeply

Please share your AHA moments (a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension) to encourage and inspire others in the comment section of this blog!
To you creating an authentic turned-ON life!

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