You are not what you think! Stop playing small…

You are not what you think! Stop playing small…

Finding your Purpose – Find your Essence

Your suffering is not because “you are” what you think you are (less than, worthless, weak, powerless…), it is because you believe that what you think is the truth and you don’t know what your purpose is. You are suffering, hurting and struggling because you are not stepping into the fullness of your life, your essence.

You are playing small but your inner spirit wants to soar and expand. You believe that it is not possible, so your spirit feels like it is dying or suffocating. Set yourself free and expand your inner being….breath and let your natural energy flow into the world. You were born a bright light full of energy until someone taught you to turn down your inner light. They did it because it was inconvenient for them, or they didn’t know better and you obliged for survival.

Do your inner work and practice turning up your light until it becomes natural again!

If you don’t know what your essence is, I can help you by reading it or guiding to experience it yourself!

Essence Reading Session

Essence Reading Session

Get Your Wake-Up World Special, a 30-minute reading to discover your essence.

Wake-Up to your true nature and gifts and get into the flow of your life!

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  1. I often wondered what my reason for being on this earth was. Now I know with certainty

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