Staying Healthy, Successful and Empowered While Serving Others

Staying Healthy, Successful and Empowered While Serving Others

New Life Energy Coaching Workshops

Stay Healthy, Successful and Empowered While Serving Others

The difference between powerful influencers and mediocre ones is that the powerful are willing to do the stuff they don’t want to, regardless of how they feel.  The powerful learn how to manage their minds and energies to make necessary changes. 

You might not feel like making changes in your life because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, but if you’re called to influence others to achieve greatness, you must master yourself.  This is your life, learn to own it and lead!

Join us Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm
 Sept 20th-Dec 6th
Live in Santa Barbara, CA
~ Limited space available
$50 a class, $600 payable in 2 installments
Money back guarantee

Are you an expert, a leader or a communicator who is

  • aware that there is something greater in store for you?
  • stuck, dissatisfied, burned out, or disconnected from your audience and /or yourself?
  • looking to be your best in service, without sacrificing your health, relationships, family, fun…?
  • having some success but desires to expand your vision and genius?
  • fearful of leading or putting your message out into the world?

What you will gain

  • A personal practice that shifts your energy, your life and the world
  • Greater happiness, health, wealth, love, and success
  • Greater influence and effectiveness in business and personal affairs
  • Clarity of where you stand, where you want to go, and your authentic self
  • Healthy boundaries, less stress, more focus, and empowerment
  • Powerful leadership skills and more comfort in the spotlight

INCREDIBLE!!! A perfect description of Marilyn’s work.

Marilyn’s reading literally led me to a life-changing break through.  She was crystal clear and 100% dead-on!

Marilyn O’Malley’s ability to see and heal energy is nothing less than SPECTACULAR! I experienced a massive shift of energy on a health issue that I have been dealing with for over 30 years in just ONE session.


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Why 3 months?  To create lasting change and new results in your life requires a commitment. It also requires a willingness to do whatever is necessary to make the changes you desire. It requires you to take action when you don’t feel like it. You will have to choose what you desire over your present habits. It takes persistence and consistency to break a habit. You are eliminating or reprogramming old data, judgments, memories and other people’s energy, which requires time and attention.

Why a group? The energy of a group can help shift individual energy faster.  Participants motivate and stimulate each other by sharing their experiences, and you become part of a support system that can last a lifetime. You are more likely to feel like making changes, and having others participating with you will help you take action you might not take on your own.

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Marilyn O’Malley, CPCC

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805 275-4153

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