Empathy, A SuperPower Trait of Highly Sensitives

Empathy, A SuperPower Trait of Highly Sensitives

Empathy, is a SuperPower trait of highly sensitive people.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As an HSP you pick up on other people’s emotions and pain. This also allows you to pick up on emotions (unseen energy) of the collective conscious. Whether it’s pain or love, you feel it deeply. Being empathic allows you to be more aware of the inner and outer workings of life, so you can see what is not working and find the solution to the problem.

You can feel what is around you without seeing it. You are a better thinker and decision maker because you feel and care deeply. This ability helps you if you’re a parent, teacher, coach, therapist, leader, counselor, healer, innovator, pioneer, designer, …



Self-Care as an Empath: 

  • Train yourself to stop reading energy all the time.  Give yourself breaks and you don’t have to isolate to do this.
  • Find Peace and Calm throughout the day
  • Frequently, check in to see what you are feeling and see what you need. Give yourself what you need.
  • Check in to see if what you are feeling, emotions and pain is yours or someone else’s
  • and if it’s not yours release it, let it go.
  • Put up an energetic screen to help you keep other people’s energy at a distance and not take it on as your own
  • Stay grounded in your body
  • Set healthy boundaries don’t make other people more important than you, it’s disempowering.
  • Practice compassion and rigorous self-care

Self-care allows you have the capacity to help others without depleting yourself.

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