Embrace Your Challenges To Grow Your Prosperity

Embrace Your Challenges To Grow Your Prosperity

As soon as you have an inspiration to have more prosperity in your life it will bring up one or more challenges that you have with being worthy of prosperous and successful.  The reason you don’t already have the prosperity you desire is because there is personal work needing your attention to change in order for you to receive what you declared.  These personal issues show up as your daily challenges or problems.

That’s right!  Your challenges and problems are there to help you expand your life not limit it.

Just because you’re having challenges doesn’t mean you are not on the right path or are not worthy of it. Your problems are showing you where you need to do your inner and outer work in order to create your ideas, products, businesses, relationships, and money… in your life.

To give you an example; if you’d like more money in your life and you’ve committed to manifesting more, all your money problems are going to show up so you can change how you feel about receiving more money in your life and learn to respect and manage it for your benefit.

You would already have what you desire if you didn’t have issues and beliefs around it that need to be healed or changed. Your issues around money could be and are not limited to:

  • you don’t know your worthiness to receive it,
  • you don’t feel connected to Source, Divine, God…
  • you feel you have to be perfect in order to deserve money,
  • you made a vow to be loyal to your family and to not earn more than your parents,
  • you have low self-esteem
  • you not in your body, you hang out in your head, behind you or above,
  • you have scarcity beliefs that there is not enough for everyone,
  • you have no passion for what you are doing and being in your job or career
  • you have a shopping, sex, drug, drama, spiritual, food, alcohol… addiction(s)
  • you don’t pay attention to your money relationship
  • you give your power away and sacrifice yourself for others by giving away your time, knowledge and gifts for free or barter when you really need the money…
  • you don’t have products, services, structures and systems up and running
  • you have no or little personal boundaries
As you can see any of these beliefs or issues above need your attention and action to make way for money to come in new ways. With the reframing of challenges you will feel more energy to address them rather than finding yourself in flight, fight or freeze mode.

All of your challenges require you to grow, learn, stretch out of your comfort zone, and change how you see yourself and the world. To have chess game beach picture2more, you need to be more connected to yourself, the World and to the Universe. You have to become more aware of the choices you are making and the mindset you have about prosperity and self worth.

God, Source, or The Universal Field want you to have as much money as you feel inspired to create. There is no limit. But, you need to do the inner work to make it possible for you to imagine it (knowing your worthiness, listen to your inner guidance, and embody your personal power to create it). It also requires you to take action on your outer work to bring it into material reality through learning what you need to know, putting structures and systems into place, hiring help, getting support from peers/coaches/family/friends, and  maybe even change you job or career…etc.

So, I invite you to perceive your challenges as golden nuggets of knowledge that are there to serve you rather than undermine you. This is where the saying comes from that you are bigger than your problems. If you can create a challenge, you can create the solution.  You just have to connect to the bigger picture of life, yourself, and God or The Universe, and ask for help while becoming more conscious and clear within yourself.

Even though you’re scared of the unknown make yourself take one step at a time. You only know what you know. You have never lived this moment before. You can not know the future, you can be clear where you want to go, be, do or have. Your ability to create results and make a difference in the world is more important than you being comfortable.  Get use to being uncomfortable, get excited like your going on an amusement park ride that is your life. And you will be the happier for it. When an opportunity comes a knocking say YES! You can only take one step at a time. Each step you take be compassionate with yourself and learn from your new results.

Remember: When you create an intention for your desires, it brings up all the old beliefs and patterns that need to be addressed in order for you to heal and move forward, so you can achieve the result you intended and have the impact you desire. To live the prosperous and juicy life you have to get your blocks out of the way. Challenges are there to serve you, to help you find a new way to show up in the world.  To help you learn, heal and grow.

So celebrate all of your life and who you are, your shadows and your light! It’s all good until you think it otherwise.  By moving through your challenges and overcoming difficulties you will allow yourself to DO, BE and HAVE all the things you desire in your life.

Remember: You are always connected to infinite possibilities in Source/God to support you in manifesting you wants, needs and desires. You are never alone!

Marilyn in Tourqois

To you living a prosperous and juicy life!

Please leave any comments below so others may learn from your experience and knowledge.

Loving you,

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