Do You KNOW How Powerful YOU Are?

Do You KNOW How Powerful YOU Are?

The idea that you are alone living your life is so far from the truth and yet this limiting belief runs wild in many people’s minds afflicting them with painful feelings of boredom, abandonment, loneliness, powerlessness and shame.

You are a sensitive, intuitive, genius and highly aware of energies and information around you…
take time to tune into them and trust the information you receive.
This is your own awakening. When you are not aware of your energy and the energy around you, you have gone unconscious.

I KNOW even though you may frequently go unconscious and forget who you authentically are and that you are connected to everything, deep in your heart/Soul you Do KNOW. It may take some uncovering to gain that clarity and that is what I want to share with you today, some consciousness to awaken and empower you.

When you are in the perception of being connected to everything and everything connected to you, you will feel you truth, your power and it enlivens you to be even more fully expressive of your Soul’s desires. There is a feeling of flow, support, integration, trust and faith, inner knowing, love, non judgment, presence, service, play, and natural flow to discovering your expanded Self beyond your physical identity.

You are part of a HUGE collective consciousness that includes all Souls, and the entire quantum field.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect everything in the collective field.

Through your own healing you create a healing energy that others can match to ease their own suffering.When you live with love and peace you perpetuate that energy into the collective field and help others locate that energy within themselves.

When you deny the expression of your desires, callings, pleasures, and love out of fear and loyalty to others you deny the collective and yourself the gifts, service,
joy and love you are here to ADD to the collective consciousness.


You are a part of a huge energetic collective and when you withhold your fullest expressions you are holding the energy of the collective back from awakening fully into it’s fullest expression.

You matter! You influence others POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY.

What would be possible if we all showed up fully expressing our brilliance for each other and our Selves?

Imagine the creativity, love, innovation, collaborations, peace, prosperity, beauty and healing…

Did you know your negative habits of self criticism, judgments, sarcasm, avoidance, shaming, blaming, shunning, disregard, disrespect, gossip, negative competition is perpetuating violence in the collective conscious?

If you notice things you don’t like in the world around you, ask yourself, “how am I contributing to creating this _____ in the world?”

“What can I do to help shift that negative energy within myself to influence a different result or outcome in me and world?”


The ho’oponopono prayer is a good tool to use in this instance to help you heal your negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, traumas and actions.

Repeat over and over with genuine feelings:

I am sorry…

Please forgive me…

Thank you…

I love you…

Here are some examples to start:
I’m sorry for being so critical and disappointed in myself,
I’m sorry for thinking I’m not good enough,
I’m sorry that I felt disconnected and alone,
I’m sorry I’ve abandoned myself….

When you live from your Soul’s expression and energy you’ll realize you have total freedom to feel the way you’d like to feel and to create what you desire. You also realize how connected you are to the collective and how you are here to serve others so they can authentically express themselves. How fun is that!

When we are healthy we can come together and play.  If we are stuck in our negative low vibrations of suffering, we isolate ourselves and our world shrinks so much so that we are the only thing existing in it. And it feels like there is no way out, because we are living in a limited reality.

Doing/Being what you love is the very thing you need in this lifetime and what is most helpful to others. You receive information from the collective energy because it fits a need of yours and you are the one to share it with others. You have callings, ideas, and inspirations because they serve your needs and the needs of others. Follow them!

I hope this inspires you to be more authentically you and move forward expressing yourself even if you’re afraid…Check in with yourself and see if the fear isn’t really excitement!

Stop trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out!

Let me know what you think and feel about what I wrote here in the comments below.

Please pass this on if you feel like it was valuable to you, that means it will be valuable to others. Thanks!

To learn more about the Quantum Field and the science explaining how we are all connected and influencing each other read
THE FIELD, by Lynne McTaggart.

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