In 2015 I see you embodying the magnificence you hold within you.
I see you imagining your wildest dreams coming true and manifesting them all  while positively influencing humanity.
I imagine you being the Rock Star, the Queen, the Leader, the Hero, the Creator of your Life.
I can see and feel the joy, love and pleasure you create for yourself and everyone around you. 

Can you?

What can you imagine?
Can you create yourself anew?
~ Let go of what was ~  and DARE to be OUTRAGEOUSLY YOU! 

YES you CAN!

TO BE CREATIVELY BOLD takes personal power and courage.
To b pass your wounds, fears and habits and step into the unknown of creating what you want to have, be or do in this world – moment to moment – is both powerful and terrifying. 
We are creatures of habit and don’t like uncertainty, yet we love novelty and creating. 
We naturally and rightfully want more of what will give us pleasure, connect us more deeply to ourselves and others, and elevate our ability to serve our purpose in our world. But a lot of us were taught that it is selfish to desire or put our needs ahead of anyone else’s.

If we are to create anything new we have to let go of what was. 

Your attachment to who you think you are and all the events of the past that have wounded you and validates your struggles and current reality and creates feelings of powerlessness needs to be healed and released. 
The truth is when you take your first courageous step to be outrageously you, listening to your soul and honoring its desires, your life gets turned on and colorful. Your life gets turned on like hot and juicy love making! Your senses wake up and life is full of colors, scents, textures, tastes and intuitive magic beyond your wildest dreams. 
Yes there are messes and challenges to maneuver, but they don’t have the negative emotional drain that sacrificing yourself did. Challenges are treasures to be acknowledged and then cleared for the highest good of expressing what you came here to experience. 

What are you not creating right now?

Where are you holding yourself back with fears, traumas and negative critical thoughts from experiencing  success, love, pleasure, happiness, connections and wealth?
What beliefs are keeping you stuck and not allowing you to create from your heart and soul?

I am here to remind you that YOU already have the capacity, calling and wisdom to create your life in ANY Way  that would bring you the greatest level of joy, love and pleasure imaginable! 

I am going to be honest,  you need someone to guide and support you through this personal transformation of what it means to take full responsibility for creating your live, because until you KNOW (meaning you are living it, not you have knowledge of it in your head)  how to do it on your own, it can feel like you are alone. You are not buying into the collective thinking anymore and it can sound like a foreign language because you only know what you know until you have a new reality.
You have to build confidence, faith and self love like you’ve never experienced before. It takes a strong support person to guide you through the initial turbulence into the flow of creation that is authentically YOU in your innate power. 
Make sure you work with someone who is living this life and not just talking about it! I have walked this journey and continue to elevate my connection to my soul and create my outrageous life with coaches and mentors. 

The one who lives what they teach will  guide you more quickly, authentically and congruently.


Taking the bold step to be your outrageous soul’s expression  will trigger all your childhood fears and programming (challenges.) When they come forward, it will be a scary and uncertain feeling, but once they are in the open, you can heal them and own your power, worthiness and genius. 
 Here is some guidance as you continue to go through your journey of becoming SELF:

6 Steps to help you connect to your soul and its desires


  1. Schedule time on your calendar to not be disturbed,  get a pen and journal and sit quietly with your attention turned inward. 
  2. Begin by watching your breath flowing in and out of your body. 
  3. Let your mind drop deeply into your body. Let it feel its way into a place within you that feels like coming home to yourself. Don’t be discouraged if it feels fleeting. Be compassionate towards yourself. Remember you’ve buried it for childhood survival or safety reasons and there could be lots of garbage around it and you have to wade through to get to it. 
  4. ​Give yourself permission to be fully present and listen to your soul speak to you. Ask yourself “what does my soul desire” and then listen.
    Here is a meditation that can help you:s: What do you desire meditation
  5. Dip your mind into the colors of your soul and use your imagination to paint the canvas of your life with it.
    What is waiting to come out to create more pleasure, love and joy in your life?
  6. Take action while letting go of the past and dare to be outrageously YOU!

Your creativity leaves the world a better place!

​Please say “YES! I am willing to be outrageously ME!”

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